Saturday, December 31, 2011

Games review 2011 - Hail Caesar

Rick Priestly fan club reporting here for duty. This game saw a Dacian horde tasked with stealing two Roman Eagles from a couple of Legions and then killing everyone else on the table - simples. It began with a brave show of horde like tendancies aimed at making the Romans quake in their sandals, they responded by simply standing still and ignoring them. In fact the Romans were to do lots of standing still that night, much to the disgust of Rob who couldn't make a command roll to save his Roman Forum Political career.
In the first turn, one of the Dacian Chieftains decided to blunder early on, Dave was using the lucky dice from the club cupboard - cheers for that fellas. Rob laughed at the sight of two warband sixes on display, but not for long because the result of the blunder was an uncontrolled charge up hill against the Romans, which saw an improbable Dacian victory - strike one Eagle.
Next, and finally with Rob only being able to move due to initiative (he was still failing miserably with his command rolls) the Dacians were charged by a Roman Legion which then
got surrounded and beaten up by a bunch of ragged warbands - Strike two Eagles.
Rob hurrumphed off the to the bar saying something like "rules wrong, dice unlucky". Dave assumed a smug smile and with his horde marching off with some new shiney Roman toys.

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