Monday, January 30, 2012

Some 15mm 1859-1871 images ...

Dave says "Time to take over the blog again and post a few images of my 15mm goodness". First let's look at the Brunswick troops from 1866 who fought for Prussia, these are conversions from the Lancashire Nassau range, easy to paint and easy to command (unless you are using James's dice).
Next come a few 1866 Hanoverians who opposed the Prussians at Langensalza, Lancashire figures again:
This is my French force that can be used from 1859 through to 1871 on a beautiful carpet backdrop. It is a mixture of Minifigs and Irregular 15mm figures:
Everyone needs a few Old Guardsmen with large bearskins:
Austrians ... 1859 and 1866 periods covered here with Ian Kay's Irregular Miniatures. These fought Prussians, Italians and French so are a pretty flexible Army if you ever wanted to invest in one, just like their Napoleonic ancestors.
The Italians come from Minifig French converted with a pot of paint and some QRF ACW who closely resembled the Grenadiers of the 1859 and 1866 period. They look nice, but their commanders were particularly pants! See if you can work out which ACWs I converted in the last phot below:

Games for 01/02

Good point Andy....

Games for 01/02 are Smugglers Shiv with the usual Pathfinder suspects; VBCW with Mick, Bradley, Vince, and Kris; the RPFC (Rob and Dave) doing something "modern" ie late nineteenth century; and Bill and Taff playing GHQ microarmour.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Games for 25/01

A busy night at the club with 6 tables covering WW2, Dark Ages, Napoleonic, Fantasy and Sci fi. And we had enough tables and lights to go round…

Next week we have the return of the miniature wargamer and something Ottoman, with Mike, Brett, Rob and Bill; Bo5A (subtle enough?) with Dave, Bookmark, JDE, Roddy and Taff ; and Traveller with Kris, Andy G, Trainset, Bradley, Vince and Mick.

In other news, it was agreed the cupboards were a shambles and it was Phil's fault, he has been deputised to tidy them up ASAP. Even though I'm not sure he's even been to the Bath House venue. Hurry up...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Games for 18/01

Last weeks Epic game was fought to a conclusion shortly after ten, the Orks destroying some terminators and whirlwinds but being conclusively wiped out. Seeing as you ask.

This week sees a return to Robin's very pretty WW2 with Robin, Bradley, Brett and Trainset; Kings of War with Bill, Bookmark, Taff and one other?; Saga (promises, promises) with Andy B, Vince and Mick; Kris luring people into traveller character generation; the RPFC playing some thing with flags and complaining I don't keep track of what they play; and Roddy and I playing 1st edition Necromunda.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Games for 11/01/12

Oops! Completely forgot, how can you tell...

Games for 11/01 are WW2 with Robin, Bookmark, Brett, and Mick; Battlecry with Bill and Taff; Smokeless Powder (?) with the RPFC and Epic with Bradley, James, Roddy and Vince. And Kris is playing one of the above. Erm. See what happens without the comfy chairs?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Games played in 2011

Games played for 2011 - and we have a draw….

Very British Civil War - 18
Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 18
Pathfinder - 12
Fringe - 12
Hordes of the Things - 8
Bliztkrieg commander - 6
WFB - 6
LOTR - 5
FPW - 5
Incursion - 5
BFG - 4
Epic - 3
WHQ - 3
GHQ Microarmour - 3
WH 40K - 3
Fantasy Pirates - 3
Wings of War - 3
Martian Empires - 3
Flames of War - 2
Other Colonial - 2
Warmaster Ancients - 2
AWI - 2
Kings of War - 2
Secrets of the Third Reich - 2
Future War Commander - 2
Modern - 2
ACW - 1
Naval - 1
GNW - 1
7 years war - 1
15mm Sci fi - 1
Napoleonic - 1
Wild West - 1
Necromunda - 1
Nap Naval - 1