Thursday, February 02, 2012

Games for 08/02

Especially early this week so Robin can plan his week....

A shocking state of affairs for a wargames club when there's more roleplaying than wargaming going on. At least the GMs were enjoying themselves though. Next week we have Martian Empires with JDE, Kris, Roddy and Bradley; Saga with Andy, Vince, and Bookmark; Brigade Ops with Dave and Rob; and no doubt a dodgy board game in the corner.

Serveral of the club are making trips to the Plymouth Show - - to run a VBCW game and raid the bring and buy. Have fun.

Legionary now has almost all the trader space booked, although probably room for a couple more, and it's looking good. Tournament packs for WFB and 40K are also now available from the site.

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