Thursday, March 01, 2012

1870 Volley and Bayonet ... with a twist ...

"Zulus Sir, thousands of them" ... "Pardon me Sgt?" ..."er sorry Sir, I meant Jerrys Sir, thousands of them" ... "Well Sgt lucky we got the Martini-Henry Rifle eh what!" ... "Jeez Sir, they've got Krupps"

SITUATION: War! Well it is Wednesday night. The Germans invaded first, but only because the French weren’t ready. The German army has been all conquering and so far they have won every fight the French are quite pants really. Now it is the turn of the BEF to turn the tables and stop the advance before a counter attack can be prepared.

MISSION: BEF is deployed in prepared position ready to repel the Germans, who are expected to attack in force. Your mission is to stop the Germans in their tracks, hold them, repel them, cause a bloody nose in order to gain time to generate a brilliant counter attack (on another day).

EXECUTION: 1st Corps (less 4th Div in Reserve) deployed into positions along a ridge line as indicated on the map … or more likely as the umpire will point to on the night. All troops can be stationary if so desired. A skirmish screen (up to 4 points of skirmishers) can be forward deployed to either act as a forlorn hope or delaying screen. They can retire if desired in front of enemy advance.

... bring it on Jerry, we got guns and Marines ... that's them in the distance, trying to bully a single dismounted battalion of Canadian dragoons holed up in a town.
So they tried to go left flanking and got all messed up, "that's a lot of disordered troops Mr Jerry". :
So Jerry then cheated and opened fire, charged with his cavalry and ... lost all of his cavalry but routed the RMLI who ran straight past the Guards Bde. The shame of it.
Here you can clearly see the gap left by two brigades of German cavalry who bravely acted as targets for the British volley fire, one remaining brigade is permanently disordered which means they can't charge into contact ... duh!
Overall an honourable draw, but the threat of the German Guard Corps looming off table in reserve meant the BEF had to pull back to another ridgeline for tea and tiffin.

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