Thursday, September 20, 2012

10mm AWI ... Brett Stylee

"Right listen in. You and you Americans. You and you British. Sit over there, pick up the dice, shut up, roll and play. Any questions? NO? Good" ... and that's how you play a real wargame.

Pictures below. Brett's very nice 10mm AWI set up - Loyal Royal British troops, Hessian Allies and some very smelly and rebellious Colonials. I can still smell them now! Soap dodgers the lot of them.

Below we can see the Loyalist position, firmly anchored with the Hessians reverse sloped and the British in the picket line and using the trees for cover. Soap dodgers seen trying to cross the river but ....

... with the help of General Bill's command dice they refuse to get wet and spent nearly four turns staying nice and dry. Brett looks on in dismay as Bill tries again to throw a decent command roll. You wouldn't think he'd received the finest military command training on offer in the Western World based on this evidence! Maybe it's that pint of 'Bogrotter Finest' in front of him?

Hessians sit on the hill and laugh in a loud and annoying Germanic manner. "Vat is dis man trying to do? Har Har Har"

The so called Patriots finally cross the river, but all too late and to no real avail. The courage and tenacity of the British combined with excellent fire power and discipline meant they couldn't be broken in time to force the point.
So at 10pm we packed up having thrown well directed diatribe at each other and arranged to do it all again next week. Ta ta.


Dale said...

Nice figures and terrain. What rules?

Exmouth Wargames said...

Home Grown ones Dale, I believe. I'll find out.