Thursday, September 13, 2012

Games for 19-9-12

This week saw the Tau win against the Imperium, the British disgraced in the AWI [Editor: we forgot to apply the "British can't die" rule OK! Otherwise it would have been just fine and dandy] and the players forget important rules in Blitzkrieg Commander...

Next week we have:

AWI with Brett, Rob, Dave, Trainset and Bill.

The annual 'International Talk Like A Pirate' ship game with Mick, James, Robin, Roddy, Bradley and Vince.

Anyone else not listed who is planning on coming down post what your bringing to see if any others want to join in.

The quote from two weeks ago was from Judge Dredd.

This weeks quote...

'What do you call it when the assasins accuse the assasin?'

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