Thursday, September 20, 2012

Games for 26-9-12

This week saw our annual 'International Speak Like A Pirate Day' fleet game which ended up a complete loss for the pirates thanks to a) Robin not fully explaining the pirates plan to James the other pirate captain b) Robin following the not fully explained pirate plan and c) the 'East India Trading Company' taking full advantage of a) & b)...

In the other game Dave tried to get his honour back in another AWI game after losing the grenadiers to militia last week.

Next week we have:

Smugglers Shiv with the usual crew.

Horse & Musket with Rob, Dave, Steve and Bill.

Bradley has threatned to bring something down in case people who haven't got a game turn up, if no one else does turn up he'll be playing horse & musket.

Last weeks quote was from Apocalypse Now.

This weeks quote:

'You cannot hurt me, I am a god!'

I'm away next week so no doubt James will be doing his usual in depth reports... :)


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