Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Games for Halloween

This week's eclectic offerings saw Robin voodoo his dice in WW2, Tom Mk III teach James Mk 2 that actually Space Marines know quite a lot of fear when fighting Necrons, and Bradley and I reach the end of turn 3 in Epic and agree a gentlemanly draw.

Next week is All Hallows Eve.  In the spirit of this; the Roleplayers will be sorting out characters for Glencon; Mick will bring something spooky; Taff will bring something spookily like Memoir 44; and the Rick Priestly Fan Club will play Flames of War (for shame!)

Answer for last weeks question was Batman.  Although if we include animated films then it's somewhat more.  This week for lack of anything more original  - 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Your target is Bela Lugosi.  Go.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Games For 24-10-12

Last week saw the Necrons deciding that messing with the Imperials is a bad idea, Luke Skywalker changing his name to Fluke Skyrunner and a nice little WWII skirmish...

Next week we have:

X-Wing with Bookmark, Vince and Mick

Epic with Bradley, James and Tom mk III

WWII with Robin, Brett, Rob, Dave and Taff

For a change this week we have a film question...

Which famous film character was played by five people? Bonus points if you can name the actors...

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Caption Competition


Answers on a postcard please addressed to "The Beach, Exmouth, Near the Water"
"When I say it's the nine o'clock meeting, I mean it, now turn around and pay your £1 subs."
"But Sarge I'm a conscript and those be German regulars behind the hedge."
"I didn't realise re-enacting would mean being stuck to this large dustbin lid!"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Games For 17-10-12

Last week saw 10mm WWII, 28mm HotT and 28mm VBCW. Next week we have:

WWII with Brett, Rob, Steve, Robin and Dave

BFG with James and Trainset

X-Wing with Mick, Bradley, Bookmark and Vince if he's down.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Games for 10/10

This week saw a return to the depths in Warhammer Quest with six players pretending to cooperate against the dark elves, and the historical side of the club having another go at Drums and Shakos. Next week we have a mighty 3 games as Mick and Vince try Bolt Action; James and Trainset try BFG; and Brett, Bradley, Robin and Rob try Blitzkrieg Commander.  Anyone else welcome but bring something to play...
Quote was obviously from LXG. This week you can have a stab at "Congratulations. If I had both my hands, I would applaud you."