Friday, November 30, 2012

Games for 05/12/12

Another winters night at the club – only three gaming nights until Christmas!  Under the light of a nearly full moon, the intrepid Pathfinders tracked and cured the werewolf; Roddy showed Bradley the dark side of his M:tG decks and Bill showed he was able to sit at the grown ups table by throwing thousands of tiny dice over it. 
Next week we have more mini-SAGA with Dave and Rob, Memoir 44 Air action with Taff and Bradley; Mick & Bayonet with Mick, Steve and Roddy; and JDE and Bookmark playing something as yet undecided.  Plenty of room for others to join in where they can.
Christmas meal is 12/12/12; arrive for drinks 19:30; food from the normal bar menu at 20:00; vegetarian mocking at 20:01; upstairs for beer and pretzel games after that - ie the annual outing of the Santa HotT army.

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