About the club

The Exmouth Wargames Society is a wargames club that has been running for over 10 years in Exmouth, East Devon. Currently we're playing a lot of Dystopian Wars, Very British Civil War, X-wing, WW2, BFG, Pathfinder RPG and VSF, but all games and gamers are welcome - we meet in a pub though so adults only. We also play RPGs and board games.

We meet every Wednesday night in the function room of The Bath House on Exmouth seafront (next to Elizabeth Hall). We'd welcome more players so feel free to pop in. Most weeks we have an "open game" where anyone can join in, or you're welcome to bring your own game. See the blog section for what's on next.

We keep two cupboards full of scenery, dice and tape measures at the club - we have have plenty of trees, hills and roads in various scales - and have boards and mats to play on from 2' square to the usual 6' by 4'. Players also bring their own scenery down for specific games such as Dystopian Wars, AWI, Mordheim.

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