The Battle of Roundway Down, Devizes

One of the chaps from The Very British Civil Forum and Mick from the club put on a VBCW battle at the Devizes show yesterday. Nick had the great idea to do a VBCW version of the ECW battle of Roundway Down changing Royalists for Albertines and Parlimentarians for the BUF. In the ECW battle a Royalist relief column formed mainly of heavy cavalry saved the day, in our version history repeated itself with the heavy cavalry being typically VBCW…
Here's a few pictures from the day-
The scene of battle, the BUF to the left up on the hills and the Albertines holding the outskirts of Devizes.

The Black Shorts and BUF militia swarm down towards the Albertine right flank following their Romfel Armoured Car.

The BUF right flank advances towards Devizes.

The Black Shorts A/C passes an old wreck in the road…

To find a couple of surprises waiting for it…

The A/C is soon dealt with panicking the Black Shorts behind.

To add to their confusion the Albertine relief force appears behind them (heavy cavalry VBCW style)

Some of the Black Shorts and militia drop their weapons and surrender (including Spode and his command).

More BUF militia surrender while trying to make it to a barn to hide.

With the loss of their left flank and the appearance of the relief force the rest of the BUF forces withdrew.
More pictures here-

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