Games review 2011 - China vs NATO

Some images from a Cold War Commander Game between Dave and Rob late in 2011. A Chinese horde confidently attacked NATO in hidden positions circa 1980. First we see the hidden NATO positions ... well actually we can't see them because they are hidden - duh!
Following this the Chinese attacked the centre across a ford they found very early on - something to do with their webbed feet:
But they got stuck, mainly because of the NATO hidden troops opening up with LAW, MILAN and Medium MGs.
The Chinese did manage to kill the MILAN team and it's supporting infantry on the NATO right flank, which was a very high priced piece of kit to be lost to the Chinese.
But then the NATO armour counter attacked and stalled the entire Chinese assault. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and the rest of the Yellow Peril horde that didn't make it onto the table - we shall see in 2012 if they can turn Europe into a Eutopian Communist state with little Red books everywhere.