Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Games for Feb 28th

Good games tonight in preparation for Legionary... in 9 days!

For the 28th - JDE, Brett, Tony W and Robin playing WH40K; Bradley and Andy G playing WFB; everyone else playing Napoleonics.

And the show's on the 3rd!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Games for lovers and fighters

From Dave "I must do something with the blog sometime" Fielder...

Wed 14th Feb - The "Love" game for singles and those who have arranged not to be bashed up by partners will be a large V&B FPW. We will use as many tables as we can shoe horn together so start stretching those arms.

Wed 21st Feb - 2 x WHFB 7th Ed - Brad, Trainset, Brett, Andy(?). One other game TBC next week, probably Rapid Fire or something else with one brain cell.

[I think you'll find a game of Martian Empires with Mick, JDE and possibly Robin as well -JDE]