Thursday, September 27, 2007

Games for next week 3rd Oct

Last nights patience of a saint award goes to Chris, well done mate! Next week we have:- Napoleonic- Rob, Gregg, Phil, Bradley, Chris and Knuckles (someone else going for the patience of a saint award...) Warhammer league- Neil and Tony. Voyages- James, BookMarc and Tom. Warmachine- Robin, Smee, Brett and Mick.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Cap'n Mick says..

Pirate day went well, me hearties, with plenty o pirate codes, parlies and back stabbing and not to much noise from the swabs on the lower deck, aaaar!

Next week we have- French/Indian War- Brett, Rob, Phil and BookMarc.
WWII skirmish- Chris, Bradley, James and Tom.
Warhammer- Smee and Tony.
Big 40k- Robin and Mick. Sadly no pirates ahhh

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pirates etc

Games for Weds 19th Sept-
Andy and Bookmarc- Warhammer,
Brett, Phil and Tom- Napoleonic,
Bradley, Rob, Chris and Tony- ACW,
James, Mick, Robin and Trainset- celebrating international talk like a pirate day playing pirate games... Yaaargh!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

AGM + games for September 12th


Results of the AGM, in brief: the club is to continue funding Legionary, we won't spend any money between here and Legionary (March 1st), the commitee is now Mick (Secretary) JDE (Treasurer) and Bradley (Chairman). Thanks to Brett for his work as secretary - more than the previous one in less time :)

Next week -

Phil, BookMarc, Andy and Brett- Napoleonic 1.
Rob, Chris and any spares- Napoleonic 2.
Bradley and Tom, Neil and Trainset- Warhammer league games.
James and Mick- Aeronef and Thunder Road.

Remember International pirate day 19th Sept... Pirates of the Spanish Main games (see Dave in shop if you want some) and maybe Pirate HotT.

See if ye know not what we're on about, me hearties. Etc.