Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Postscript

By the way, some of the Club are having a few drinks in The Beach on Monday 22 December - everyone is welcome. It is assumed that this will start at 7.30pm and is not an all day bender!!

I wonder if I will get away with taking my wife out on her Birthday on the 22nd for a quiet, romantic pub meal in The Beach? The food is very good, after all........

Debrief for 10 December 2008 and NEWS: NO CLUB UNTIL 7 JANUARY 2009

Do not adjust your TV sets - this is another installment of Night of the Living Dead which is rapidly gaining a cult following in the Club.

Practical issues were encountered when it was realised that two of the participants don't actually drive - so how are you going to get away in the Humvee once you've found the keys???

It is assumed that Plan B would be to walk faster than the Zombies...

The sensible historical gamers sought refuge in 1809. The nightmare scenario on a battlefield - all the protagonists (Austrians v Westphalians and Friends) have decided to wear white and speak German.

How can you tell who the enemy is? Dummy, it's the guy shooting at you!


1. As alluded to in James's previous (good to see Napoleonic up there again!), the Beach Pub has the Function Room booked out next week. The following two Wednesdays are Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (and I don't think we would get away with it!). Therefore, the next Club Night will be on Wednesday 7 January 2009. Games will be:

Epic: Brad and waifs and strays.

Warhammer Quest: James, Robin, Tom, Bookmark, Rob and Tony.

Babylon 5: Mick and Trainset.

Something Hysterical: Brett and myself.

2. A reminder that the Plymouth Show is fast approaching (Saturday 31 Janaury 2009) and the Club will be putting on two games; The Boxer Rebellion and Night of the Living Dead II (tbc). Well done everyone who has managed to paint their Boxer figures. Those who are still besieged in Tiensien with Admiral Seymour, Mick and James will need your completed figures for them to base on 7 January latest, please.

3. Currently attending the Plymouth Show will be:

Brett, myself, Mick, Bookmark, James, Chris (tbc), Trainset, Trainset's Wallet (confirmed). Brett and I will provide the wheels - pick ups to be arranged. There are two free tickets per game. If we can take both the Boxer and Zombie Games that will be.....four tickets. Tickets will be divided between Mick, the two drivers and one other (or Mick and Brett if we just do the Boxer game. I will still drive and will have room for passengers).

4. Robin would like the army lists for the 40K Tournament submitted on 7 January.

5. The Isandlwana Zulu War Game on 21 January currently has Rob, Mick, Bookmark, Trainset, Brett, Tony, Chris and myself sharpening their bayonets and iklwas - if anyone else wishes to don a pith helmet or monkey tails, please let Rob know.

6. And finally, thanks to you all for another great year of wargaming and a special thanks to The Beach for allowing us to use the Function Room to wage war. Have a good break and remember; Wargame Responsibly.


Games played 2008

Well, the list of games from both Stella-blurred memory (and the blog in my absence) for the year is as follows -

WFB 36
WH 40K 13
Napoleonic 12
Necromunda 11
WW2 8
Epic 6
At Close Quarters 6
Retinue 5
Other Colonial 3
7 years war 3
Mordheim 2
AT43 2
Star Wars 2
Aernautica 2
Hordes 2
Impetus 2
D&D 2
Mexican American War 2
Modern 2
Naval 1
Marlburian 1
Grand Alliance 1
Worms 1
Hammerin Iron 1
Song of Blades 1
Warmaster Fantasy 1
Vietnam 1
Inquisitor 0
Blood bowl 0
Wild West 0
Aeronef 0
Martian Empires 0
Horse & Musket 0

Inevitably games get missed or forgottten; tough. You may infer from this list being posted now that there are no more club meetings this year - you may infer that correctly.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mick's Game at the Bristol Show

The setting for the 'Night of the Living Dead' participation game at Reveille in Bristol November 2008.
Everything was painted in shades of grey to give the impression of the original black and white film.The players had to search the house to find the car keys and any other useful items like weapons, then get to the car and drive off, the zombies just had to feed...

A game in progress...

'Big Dude' (in the hoody) decides not to go that way...

Sean searches and leaves 'Little Dude' to fend off the zombies...
The game went down really well with quite a few people playing more than once.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

James' back....

Well, what did you expect?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Debrief for 26 November 2008

The meet and great phase of the Retinue Game - and then the arrows begin to fly!

Brad's 40K Army advances to contact.
The Russian Pavlov Grenadiers prepare to receive the French onslaught. (Note Marshal Kutosov sheltering in the square probably wishing that he had stayed at HQ!).

Thursday, November 27, 2008


A reminder that there will be no Club on 3rd December. Games for 10th December will be as follows:

Retinue (Medieval Skirmish): Chris, Bookmark plus any other chivalrous challengers.

Afghanistan (10mm 19th Century style - lots of hills): Rob, Tony and Tom.

Napoleonic (20mm proper wargaming): Myself, Brett, Trainset and Brad.

Something (hopefully legal): Mick, Robin plus any of the more adventurous types.

Good luck to all of those who are participating in the Bristol show this weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Debrief for 19 November 2008

1870 - French Poilus defending a redoubt about to get some sausage time!!

Clear those skirmishers out of the woods

This 40K army obviously misunderstood the whole concept of camouflage.

Close Quarter Battle - 40K style.

The basic test template for Mick's 'Night of the Living Dead' game that will be played at the Bristol Show.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Games for 26 November 2008

Next week's games:

Retinue (Medieval): Chris, Bookmark, Tony and Rob.

Napoleonic: Myself, Tom, Brett and possibly Trainset and Knuckles (i.c. Artillery Dice!).

40K: Robin and Bradley.

Parish Notices:

The Warhammer Final is expected to take place on 17 December. However, keeping in mind the principle that 'no plan survives contact with the enemy' (written by Von Moltke - a German - so what does he know about winning wars?), a date in January may be set aside if necessary.

Club Members are requested to ensure that their Boxer Rebellion figures are completed and on 2p size bases (unflocked) by the end of December.

And finally, welcome back Tom who has returned from his expedition to New Zealand - now get your haircut!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Games for 19 November 2008

Eyes down and look in. Next week we have -

Franco-Prussian War 1870: Brett, Trainset, Rob and myself.

40K: Robin and Bookmark.

Mick's Bristol Show Fringe Game: Mick, Chris, Neil and Bradley and anyone else who wants to have a go.

A couple of Parish Notices:


2. The 40K Tournament starts in January 2009.

3. Next year is the 130th Anniversary of the Zulu War. Rob will be kindly providing a few British troops and more than a few Zulus to do a Zulu War battle. Isandlwana will hopefully be fought on 21 January 2009, the Wednesday nearest the anniversary of the battle (which is the next day); there is a chance to change history - or not!

Debrief for 12 November 2008

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far - ok, who am I trying to kid? Welcome to Exmouth.......

The 'Tempers Fray at the Cowes Regatta' game was quite tame by Mick's standards. (The planned test play of the game he will be putting on at Bristol was postponed until next week).

Meanwhile, in the land of Epic (yes, Bradley actually found someone have a game of Epic with him - Dude!).

All this whilst the Club Bluff Old Traditionalists partook in a bit of 1812 in 20mm.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Games for 12 November 2008

So, onto the games for 12 November;

Epic: Bradley, Knuckles and Dude.

Napoleonic: Myself, Brett, Trainset and Chris.

BFG: Robin and Bookmark.

Bristol Show Test Game: Mick and Rob.

Club members who are not currently down for a game will be able to join in the above games on the night, especially Mick's game that is designed as a participation adventure, so see you there.



Due to the absence of so many of the club pyromaniacs on Guy Fawkes Night there will be no club on 5th November 2008.

Whilst the saying goes 'Remember, remember the 5th of November' it is also worth remembering that the 5th November is also notable as the date when William of Orange landed in Brixham in 1688 putting Britain on the path to modern government and monarchy, religious tolerance and better individual freedoms.

The 5th November is also the date on which the Battle of Inkerman was fought in 1854 during the Crimean War; a battle that gained notoriety as 'the soldiers battle' as the foggy weather conditions made command and control practically impossible with soldiers simply holding their ground including one Corporal Prettyjohns of the Royal Marines who resorted to throwing rocks in order to repel the attacking Russians earning him one of the first Victoria Crosses awarded.

Debrief for 29 October 2008

The Austrians make a stand against their old French adversaries in a tactical game of cat and mouse as both sides manouvre to gain a position of advantage in a game that ended in stalemate.
In the warmer climes of South Africa, a Boer Kommando waits in readiness to ambush the British.
The, just when you think you have enough trouble on your plate, the Zulus approach from the South West - dozens of 'em.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Debrief for 22 October 2008

With the snow melted from last week's clash of arms the Germans this week found themselves in trouble against the British.
Brad won his game of Epic as his opponent bowed to the inevitable defeat and decided to give it a miss. Or perhaps it was just the thought of playing a game of Epic.....

Meanwhile, 3 metres to the South East, a sinister looking door to door salesman approaches his customers. This is one of Mick's more normal games....

One hundred and sixty years after the event, the Mexican-American War continues to be waged in miniature. The climax of the battle is reached as US Infantry bayonet charge courageous Mexican Infantry resulting in the Mexicans beating a hasty retreat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Games for 29 October 2008

Next week we have:

Napoleonic (Huzzah!) - Myself, Brett, Bookmark and Trainset.
Halloween Roleplay (Scary) - Mick and the Kindergarten; Luke, Guy, Connor, and Chris.
Epic - No-one.
Colonial (Fix.....Bayonets!) - Rob, Brad, Vince and Tony.
Maori Wars - Tom.
Chapultepec or San Juan Hill (depending on which is nearer at the time) - James.

By way of a look forward, the Warhammer Final will potentially be on 12 November.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Debrief (and Club Expeditionary Force Sitrep) for 15 October 2008

OK, so I wasn't there - but my spies were. Rob captured satellite imagery of the following action last Wednesday: above left, a Second World War snowball fight - without snowballs and to the right a game of Hide & Seek with at least a change of hairstyle in store for the losers (French-Indian style, of course).

If you are wondering where the Secretary was - a chance for Major General Von Tourism Adams to spend four days in Normandy seemed too good a
chance to miss.

This is me at German Strongpoint WN72 overlooking Omaha Beach at Vierville-sur-Mere (the vicinity upon which the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan was based).

The Secretary hasn't been the only one on foreign shores. Young Ensign Tom Von Tourism Ferrero is in New Zealand. He sent this stunning photo of a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing his car; at least it was - just seconds before he grabbed his camera......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Games for 22nd October

As the secetary is AWOL again I was delegated to take over. Below is what should be on next week (spreadsheet to follow...)

Epic- Bradley, Gregg

Mexican/American- Brett, Smee, Bookmark and possibly Phil (if not AWOL again...)

Battletech- Mick, Vince, Dude and possibly Andy

WWII- Rob, Chris and Knuckles

Congratulations to Vince for winning the play-off in his part of the league, could of gone either way right to the end. He will now face Andy in the Final.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Debrief for 8 October 2008

I remembered to bring everything for the game - even remembered to re-charge the camera batteries; ah, the camera....
Luckily, Rob had his very nice mobile phone/camera/TV/ coffee dispenser/washing machine combo to hand so we have at least a couple of photos.
To the left, the opening phase to the battle fought around the village of Markgrafneusiedl (worth one million points in a game of Scrabble) - part of the Battle of Wagram of 1809. The Austrians, commanded by Rob, prepare to defend the heights from a French assault commanded by Chris.

Next table along, some 40K being fought between Robin and Brett with Mick and Dude doing the same next table along by way of a 'coming soon' feature advertised at the Nine O'Clock Meeting - the Annual 40K Tournament organised by Robin.
This evening's Warhammer contest between Brad and Trainset saw the Ogres being fought to a draw by the Elves. (I overheard Brad muttering something about 'bloody cannons misfiring' - now that is something I understand).
In revenge, Brad threatened to bring along a game of Epic next week!
Meanwhile, up on the mizzen deck, James and Bookmark were playing a worryingly quiet game of, well, Darth Vader and the Nazi Hordes invade Britain in 1940. When I asked if the Imperial Walkers goose stepped (a perfectly serious question), James said that I worry him. Hey, I'm not the one with Imperial Walkers goose stepping up Station Road in Hythe - in 1940.

This photo is pure self gratification and nothing to do with last night's battles - I took it at the Regimental Museum in Brecon a few weeks ago. Just part of a very nice diorama they have of the last stand at Isandlwana. Now once I have finished painting my Napoleonics......

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Games for 15 October 2008

Next week's line up will be as follows:

James and Trainset will be indulging in a spot of Lord of the Rings.

Mick will be putting on a 'silly game' with Robin and Dude - that I have to see!

Donning their tricorns for a Rogers Rangers French-Indian War adventure with Brett will be Myself, Bookmark and Andy.

Rob and Chris will be putting on their version of the Eurovision Song Contest - 1944 style.

But perhaps the battle of the night will be fought between Brad and Vince in the deciding game for their Warhammer League Group.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debrief for 1 October 2008

Rob's Empire Pikemen - I took this photo at the beginning of turn one because by the time I got around to taking photos last week (turn two!!), Rob's army was already in pieces!

Robin's Tomb King cavalry bear down on Rob's Empire Army.

Believe or not, Billy No Mates here on the right is on the winning side - and he survived to tell the tale. Not sure to whom he told the tale cos they're all dead. But then they were all dead in the first place. Oh, I don't know - I'm a Napoleonic gamer!

Bookmark's Skaven army lined up and ready for the big off against Andy's delightful Daemons.

Two of the three concurrent Warhammer League games in progress. Andy (leaning across the table) moving his figures towards one of Bookmark's now infamous loaded dice experiences.

The Futile Empire Army takes to the field for the last time this League.

Some examples of my own outstanding dice throwing. The five dice to the right? Anything but a one, of course.

Top Tip: When Uncle Mick says, 'Throw the dice that scored low last time because they'll score high next time' - ignore him!

Example Two: Varghulf is within 10" of a Great Gun. Gun loads with grapeshot - anything but a misfire will at least hurt this evil entity - and wot 'appens? Gunners - useless !%*&$!!! Gunners then get eaten whilst running away.

Now, this is more like it; How to turn a Corpse Cart into a mobile Bar-b-que in one easy lesson.

And then James with his Sesame Street Vampire Counts started throwing the kind of dice that are remarkably familiar to me!

Din dins Fido! Just after this the Flagellants were hit by their own artillery - not that any of them noticed, of course.

Ah, a nice, quiet, sensible game of World War Two - the Comfort Zone....
And finally, quote of the evening goes to Dude:-
Dude: They are having a really heavy conversation over there.
James: What are they talking about?
Dude: I don't know, I wasn't listening.
See you all next week.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Games for 8 October 2008

OK Troops,

Debrief and phots from tonight's action to follow soon - however, in the meantime, here are the games for next week:

Warhammer League - Brad and Trainset.
40K - Dude and Mick.
Hordes - Bookmark and James.
Napoleonic - Myself, Chris, Rob and Vince.
Something unspeakable - Robin and Brett.

In a slight change to what was discussed, Andy G won't be at Club next week so Brett will be having a game with Robin.

Parish notices:

Many thanks to everyone for getting the Club's first annual subscription squared away. This will, amongst other things, allow the Club to gradually improve the terrain situation.

It is the intention of the Club to put on a game at the Bristol Show on 30 November organised by Mick, Brad and Chris; details to follow.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Debrief for 24 September and Games for 1 October 2008

Ok, I know, this is late getting published - my horse got shot from under me and then I got robbed by a passing Prussian Fusilier. I wouldn't have minded except that he is supposed to be Friendly Forces. I suppose he did say, 'Danke mein kamerade' when he had finished fleecing my pockets and cutting away my gold bullion epaulette.....
Back to the present; it is said that a picture paints a thousand words, so this week I have decided to start photographing the games played at the Club and posting them on the blog as a snapshot of games played at the Club.
This will facilitate gaming veterans to look back on an evening and say, 'Ah yes, I remember when.....' and will also allow Club Members to poke fun at Tom when he turns up with unpainted figures and bases that don't even have figures on them at all, but 'will do in a few weeks time - is it ok to use them in this Warhammer League Game?'!!

It would be rude not to start with a Napoleonic scenario and here we have the French (in blue) caught out by the Austrians (in white) whilst crossing a river. French Dragoons and Cuirassiers deploy to threaten the Austrian left. The infantry take cover in the buildings hoping to hold on until reinforcements arrive across the single bridge that the Austrians can attempt to destroy, with barges loaded with rocks, at the beginning of each movement phase thus preventing French reinforcement that turn. (Based on an historical event - answer below)

An array of Austrian artillery........ stark contrast to a disarray of Empire artillery (cheap gunpowder!)

The Club Committee - see if you can guess who is who?

Brad's Ogres advancing towards
the remnants of Rob's Empire Army
for some ouch time.

Meanwhile, next table along, neighbours from hell!


I am unable to include any photos of the Warhammer Quest Game that took place on the Quarterdeck. It was upon hearing one of the participants asking, 'If I put my finger in it, can I wiggle it around?' that made me think that this game might not be fit for public viewing!
Next week, a hatrick of Warhammer League Games: Myself v James, Bookmark v Andy and (in a change from what was discussed) Rob v Robin.
Brett will be acting as UN Peacekeeper for the Warhammer League Games.
Vince will be putting on a Flames of War (Second World War to the uninitiated) with Trainset and, of course, Brad.
Mick will be putting on one of his special games with Dude (welcome back) and Chris.
Oh, and the Napoleonic battle? Aspern-Essling, 21-22 May 1809 - Napoleons first personal defeat and, arguably, the turning point in the Napoleonic Wars.