Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last night's pictures

The serious yet enthralling Napoleonic game is ready to go...

Robin with the most number of figures on the table he'll have all night....

Mick's new tank for GASLIGHT causes a historical player to disolve behind it

Brett fights demonic possesion as Robin moves his troops to make way for his dead

The Napoleonic game gets going properly

JDE's Martians fight to a position they can safely lose from

The Epic players making full use of the tape measures "count as" Titans rule

JDE's army prepares to lose to just 3 figures.

A dramatic and unexpected end to the Napoleonic game!

To the slight despair of everyone at the club over 30, "Dude" wins the Warhammer trophy in his own black-rock-death-metal-guitar-god style....

Games for 30th Jan

First off congratulations to Dude for winning the Warhammer league! Next week we have- rpg-Andy, Chris, Rob, Bookmarc, Tom and Dude. Nappies- Phil, Smee and Knuckles. BFG- Brett, James, Bradley and Mick.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Games for Jan 23rd

Next week - the Warhammer Final - Robin vs Neil (Dude). Bradley, Greg Bookmark and Rob - Epic, JDE & Mick GASLIGHT, Phil, Chris, Tom - Nappies. Sure we're missing a couple of people there! However.

For the sake of arguement - it was mentioned we had two leagues next year - if you split the players into points per game divisions - it comes out like this -

Div 1 - (top five players with more than one point per game)
Robin (Empire)
Neil (Wood Elves)
Bradley (Ogre Kingdoms)
James (Beasts of Chaos)
Mark (Skaven)

Div 2 - (players with one point or less per game)
Trainset (Lizardmen)
Tony F (Orcs & Goblins)
Chris (Dwarfs)
Brett (Dark Elves)
Tom (Empire)

Make of that what you will. It's not intended as a practical suggestion.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Games for 16th Jan

Next week we have- Warhammer- James and Bradley, Brett and Dude. Nappies- Phil, Tom, Chris, Gregg and Bookmarc. Star Wars- Mick, Smee and Robin. Colonial- Rob and everyone else. Please note: steam and tank are now official swear words when Tom is around...

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Games played 2008 so far

WHQ - 1
Nap - 1
WW2 - 1
WW2 naval - 1

Just kdding. Next week - Brett, Phil, Trainset and JDE playing ACW; Robin vs Tom and Thingy vs Doodaa (Chris vs Mark) in the league; everyone else playing Vietnam or whatever they bring.