Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marines escape Tyranid onslaught.

The following is the official report of last nights 40K battle collated by the game organiser, Mick (I thought it worth sharing with everybody because all I saw were the ones and twos I kept throwing on the dice; Mick was obviously drinking something different to me and thus saw a rather different battle!! It did look very impressive, though). PRJA

The Tyranid horde split into two going for the Imperiums right and left flanks. Bolter and sniper fire tore into the swarms, tearing through the chitinous armour, but they still pushed forward. Squad Beta were soon overrun and went the same way as squad Gamma killing Nids to the last... Suddenly the ranks of the Tyranids were were being thrown in the air by explosions and heavy weapons fire. Marine commander Andrewsius looked up "About bloody time to..." The Thunderhawk Gunship did another pass pushing the chittering mass back before landing on the pad. "All survivors mount up you have 20 seconds and counting" Inquisitor Marcus ordered General Adamski to get his men aboard abandoning any non portable weapons and their vehicles. "This is commander Philpus of the Emperors Baneblade 'Mislotus', I'm afraid we wont be joining you gentlemen, slight bug problem, but I think we can handle it..." By now the tank was completely covered in the alien creatures. "You will be remembered.. ." said commander Andrewsius. True to his word the Thunderhawks pilot closed the ramp dead on the 20 second mark as the last Marine boarded. Inquisitor Marcus looked at a view screen "Soon as we're clear order the ships to start the bombardment, I want nothing left alive on that planet..."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Games for 6th August 2008

Tonight's games involved the British fighting and defeating the Dervishes in a game run by the Mad Mahdi himself, Rob, whilst the club Khalifa, Mick, ran the large and ambitious 40K battle that ended with the Imperial forces remaining in control of the objective despite extensive damage being inflicted to the paintwork of their main battle tank by the Gene Stealers. Hopefully, photos to follow once Mick has got the prints back from his dark room.

Next week, Robin and Bradley along with Rob and Vince will be fighting a round of the Warhammer League Games whilst Mick, Bookmark, Tom, Connor and Guy will be a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Brett will be 'putting something on' for Chris and Trainset (and Robin if Bradley can't make it) but hopefully not his Cheerleader costume.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Committee and Games for 30 July 2008

The Annual General Meeting was held last night and proved succesful and, surprisingly, entertaining.

Once the minutes have been approved as being vaguely truthful, more details will follow. However, for those of you who missed the coup d'etat, we have a new committee consisting of Brett (Chairman), Phil (Secretary) and Mick (was Secretary and is now Treasurer). Thank you to Brad, Mick and James for their wise guidance during their tenure; now pass me the service revolver and we will cut out the red tape....

Next week is the World Record Breaking 40K Battle that involves just about everyone apart from the splitters who are doing something Colonial. I am not sure what the difference is but either way it is bound to get nasty when it comes to close quarters and, in the words of Robin, things get 'chippy choppy'.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Games for 23rd July

This week the German WWI planes were loaded with blanks, the Vampire army looked like it finished with more figures on the table than it started with and the Empire army ended up in Chaos, literally!

Next week is the AGM, the agenda is-

Club representation at shows etc
Club funds
Types of communication
Club specialized period
Club game for shows

The plan is then to sort out the club scenery followed by small games to be brought in by members if there is time left.
The following week is the big 40k club participation game 4000+ points per side, Tyranids vs Imperium and Eldar.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

He's on a hill!

Did the Vindicare assassin have REALLY armour piercing rounds?

Had Angelina taught him to curve the shot around a tank?

Was he simply on a hill?

Only the 40K players know....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Games for 16th July

This week the High Elves might of got a better result if they stayed at home, the Vampire Counts managed to turn it around in the end and the Tyranids were doing really well until they got into close combat...

Next week we have:

Andy & Phil- Warhammer League game

James & Tom- Warhammer League game

Brett, Smee, Rob and Bookmarc- FIW

Vince, Chris, Mick, Bradley and Tony- Wings of War

Dont forget we will be putting together the agenda for the following weeks AGM, so put forward what you want brought up...

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Games for 9th July

This week we had our first two Warhammer league games which resulted in a draw between the Ogres and Orcs and a win for the Empire over the Tomb Kings (mind you the morale of the Tomb Kings was low to start with due to the embaressment of some of them being 'naked'  on the table and one not even turning up!)

Next week we have:

James & Bookmarc- Warhammer league game

Smee & Rob- Warhammer league game

Brett, Phil, Chris & Andy- FIW

Tony & kindergarten- LOTR

Mick, Robin, Vince, Tom & Bradley- 40k (2000 points, Tyranids vs Sisters)

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