Friday, November 28, 2008

Debrief for 26 November 2008

The meet and great phase of the Retinue Game - and then the arrows begin to fly!

Brad's 40K Army advances to contact.
The Russian Pavlov Grenadiers prepare to receive the French onslaught. (Note Marshal Kutosov sheltering in the square probably wishing that he had stayed at HQ!).

Thursday, November 27, 2008


A reminder that there will be no Club on 3rd December. Games for 10th December will be as follows:

Retinue (Medieval Skirmish): Chris, Bookmark plus any other chivalrous challengers.

Afghanistan (10mm 19th Century style - lots of hills): Rob, Tony and Tom.

Napoleonic (20mm proper wargaming): Myself, Brett, Trainset and Brad.

Something (hopefully legal): Mick, Robin plus any of the more adventurous types.

Good luck to all of those who are participating in the Bristol show this weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Debrief for 19 November 2008

1870 - French Poilus defending a redoubt about to get some sausage time!!

Clear those skirmishers out of the woods

This 40K army obviously misunderstood the whole concept of camouflage.

Close Quarter Battle - 40K style.

The basic test template for Mick's 'Night of the Living Dead' game that will be played at the Bristol Show.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Games for 26 November 2008

Next week's games:

Retinue (Medieval): Chris, Bookmark, Tony and Rob.

Napoleonic: Myself, Tom, Brett and possibly Trainset and Knuckles (i.c. Artillery Dice!).

40K: Robin and Bradley.

Parish Notices:

The Warhammer Final is expected to take place on 17 December. However, keeping in mind the principle that 'no plan survives contact with the enemy' (written by Von Moltke - a German - so what does he know about winning wars?), a date in January may be set aside if necessary.

Club Members are requested to ensure that their Boxer Rebellion figures are completed and on 2p size bases (unflocked) by the end of December.

And finally, welcome back Tom who has returned from his expedition to New Zealand - now get your haircut!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Games for 19 November 2008

Eyes down and look in. Next week we have -

Franco-Prussian War 1870: Brett, Trainset, Rob and myself.

40K: Robin and Bookmark.

Mick's Bristol Show Fringe Game: Mick, Chris, Neil and Bradley and anyone else who wants to have a go.

A couple of Parish Notices:


2. The 40K Tournament starts in January 2009.

3. Next year is the 130th Anniversary of the Zulu War. Rob will be kindly providing a few British troops and more than a few Zulus to do a Zulu War battle. Isandlwana will hopefully be fought on 21 January 2009, the Wednesday nearest the anniversary of the battle (which is the next day); there is a chance to change history - or not!

Debrief for 12 November 2008

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far - ok, who am I trying to kid? Welcome to Exmouth.......

The 'Tempers Fray at the Cowes Regatta' game was quite tame by Mick's standards. (The planned test play of the game he will be putting on at Bristol was postponed until next week).

Meanwhile, in the land of Epic (yes, Bradley actually found someone have a game of Epic with him - Dude!).

All this whilst the Club Bluff Old Traditionalists partook in a bit of 1812 in 20mm.