Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Postscript

By the way, some of the Club are having a few drinks in The Beach on Monday 22 December - everyone is welcome. It is assumed that this will start at 7.30pm and is not an all day bender!!

I wonder if I will get away with taking my wife out on her Birthday on the 22nd for a quiet, romantic pub meal in The Beach? The food is very good, after all........

Debrief for 10 December 2008 and NEWS: NO CLUB UNTIL 7 JANUARY 2009

Do not adjust your TV sets - this is another installment of Night of the Living Dead which is rapidly gaining a cult following in the Club.

Practical issues were encountered when it was realised that two of the participants don't actually drive - so how are you going to get away in the Humvee once you've found the keys???

It is assumed that Plan B would be to walk faster than the Zombies...

The sensible historical gamers sought refuge in 1809. The nightmare scenario on a battlefield - all the protagonists (Austrians v Westphalians and Friends) have decided to wear white and speak German.

How can you tell who the enemy is? Dummy, it's the guy shooting at you!


1. As alluded to in James's previous (good to see Napoleonic up there again!), the Beach Pub has the Function Room booked out next week. The following two Wednesdays are Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (and I don't think we would get away with it!). Therefore, the next Club Night will be on Wednesday 7 January 2009. Games will be:

Epic: Brad and waifs and strays.

Warhammer Quest: James, Robin, Tom, Bookmark, Rob and Tony.

Babylon 5: Mick and Trainset.

Something Hysterical: Brett and myself.

2. A reminder that the Plymouth Show is fast approaching (Saturday 31 Janaury 2009) and the Club will be putting on two games; The Boxer Rebellion and Night of the Living Dead II (tbc). Well done everyone who has managed to paint their Boxer figures. Those who are still besieged in Tiensien with Admiral Seymour, Mick and James will need your completed figures for them to base on 7 January latest, please.

3. Currently attending the Plymouth Show will be:

Brett, myself, Mick, Bookmark, James, Chris (tbc), Trainset, Trainset's Wallet (confirmed). Brett and I will provide the wheels - pick ups to be arranged. There are two free tickets per game. If we can take both the Boxer and Zombie Games that will be.....four tickets. Tickets will be divided between Mick, the two drivers and one other (or Mick and Brett if we just do the Boxer game. I will still drive and will have room for passengers).

4. Robin would like the army lists for the 40K Tournament submitted on 7 January.

5. The Isandlwana Zulu War Game on 21 January currently has Rob, Mick, Bookmark, Trainset, Brett, Tony, Chris and myself sharpening their bayonets and iklwas - if anyone else wishes to don a pith helmet or monkey tails, please let Rob know.

6. And finally, thanks to you all for another great year of wargaming and a special thanks to The Beach for allowing us to use the Function Room to wage war. Have a good break and remember; Wargame Responsibly.


Games played 2008

Well, the list of games from both Stella-blurred memory (and the blog in my absence) for the year is as follows -

WFB 36
WH 40K 13
Napoleonic 12
Necromunda 11
WW2 8
Epic 6
At Close Quarters 6
Retinue 5
Other Colonial 3
7 years war 3
Mordheim 2
AT43 2
Star Wars 2
Aernautica 2
Hordes 2
Impetus 2
D&D 2
Mexican American War 2
Modern 2
Naval 1
Marlburian 1
Grand Alliance 1
Worms 1
Hammerin Iron 1
Song of Blades 1
Warmaster Fantasy 1
Vietnam 1
Inquisitor 0
Blood bowl 0
Wild West 0
Aeronef 0
Martian Empires 0
Horse & Musket 0

Inevitably games get missed or forgottten; tough. You may infer from this list being posted now that there are no more club meetings this year - you may infer that correctly.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mick's Game at the Bristol Show

The setting for the 'Night of the Living Dead' participation game at Reveille in Bristol November 2008.
Everything was painted in shades of grey to give the impression of the original black and white film.The players had to search the house to find the car keys and any other useful items like weapons, then get to the car and drive off, the zombies just had to feed...

A game in progress...

'Big Dude' (in the hoody) decides not to go that way...

Sean searches and leaves 'Little Dude' to fend off the zombies...
The game went down really well with quite a few people playing more than once.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

James' back....

Well, what did you expect?