Friday, February 27, 2009

Debrief for 25 February 2009

A night at Exmouth Wargames Club and not a hint of a 'magic phase' as both games played were historical (although, as discussed before, firing cannister at massed ranks is a sort of magic phase as it tends to make people disappear!).

Brett brought along his Mexicans and Americans (28mm) for a battle that saw some bitter fighting across a hedge that ended with the Mexicans eventually thrown back but rallied to form a second line of defence.

The tell tale linear formations give away the period for this battle as Rob brought in his Seven Years War (very small mm) regiments. Amid a flurry of hat doffing, it did not really matter who won this battle because the French Revolution will upset the whole European applecart!

Next Week:

American Civil War with Brad, Chris and Bookmark.
Hordes with James, Trainset and room for two others.
Napoleonic Naval with Rob (is there any period he hasn't got?), Dave G and anyone else who fancies themselves as a bit of a Hornblower (put your hand down, Robin).

Gossip Column:

James (if it ain't metal in ain't real wargaming) said the following, "I must confess that I like the look of the Victrix plastic Napoleonics". The stunned silence was shattered when James spontaneously imploded.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Debrief for 18 February 2009

No images this week until I work out how to get photos e-mailed from my new (and first ever personal!) mobile phone! However, it is suffice to say that this week saw the climactic conclusion of the Warhammer League 2008.

Vince and his charming, squabbling Orcs faced Andy G and his very nasty and downright evil Chaos Daemons (can you guess who massacred me during the League?). Whilst the American Civil War and two other Warhammer games were being fought (has anyone ever seen an unlimbered cannon being used to charge the enemy? It wouldn't happen in a Napoleonic battle!), these two giants of the Club pummelled each other to a pulp.

Friendly fire was a predominant theme for the evening with the most entertaining incident being when Andy's Horrors blew themselves up leaving Andy staring at the carnage muttering, 'Well, that never happened before'. How we laugh when a Wizard throws a double one during the magic phase....

However, victory goes to the side that is able to combine skill with a little good fortune. It says alot about this epic (no Bradley, not that kind of Epic) struggle that at the end of Turn Six, the score stood with Vince at 909 points and Andy at 912. It doesn't get much closer than that.

So, felicitations to the evil Daemons and down the tavern to drink and beat up some small creatures for the Orcs. Roll on the 2009 Warhammer League.

Next week is the following:

American-Mexican War: Brett, James, Trainset and Myself.

Se7en Years War (Volley & Bayonet): Rob, Brad, Vince and Andy K (plus Andy B and Stragglers?)

Parish Notices:

Most of you have probably already got the message, but from next week, Club Subs will be £2 in order for the Club to provide a nominal fee towards the use of the function room. Young Tom is going to be very busy....


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Debrief for 11 February 2009

A game of Gaslight with James and Mark - check out the moustache on the officer figure

I understand that these Steam Tanks are not the most reliable thing ever invented - according to my mate in the Polish Army, you can't beat a good old fasioned horse...

A nice looking Warhammer Fantasy game between Mick and Neil with a new terrain matt brought in by Mick.

This is something of a 'I think we're going to need a bigger boat' moment.

However, these games can produce their moments - all seventeen of the bowman shooting at yonder loan target missed. Thank goodness Good King Harry wasn't relying on them at Agincourt.

Brett brought in this beautifully painted French Indian War game with Rob and Vince playing the French and Myself and Andy B as the British.

The artillery train crawls through the dense forest with flank guards to fight off ambushes.

Finally, the British arrive at their objective and launch an assault only for the 42nd Highlanders (newly painted and obviously nervous at their debut on a gaming table) to throw a 1 at the last moment and rout thus handing the French a tactical victory.

The Dark Ages of Warhammer Ancient saw Chris, Brad and Gregg hacking each other to pieces around a ruined castle.

Some Knights looking for peasants to trample underfoot.

Some of our cousins from across the waters looking to make new friends during their busman's holiday.

Next week we have the following line up:

Andy G and Vince with Brett Umpiring and myself jeering.

Warhammer Ancient (a new club popular?):
Chris, Bookmark, Rob, Trainset and Brett (when not Umpiring for the League Final).

Warhammer: James and Mick.

And another game that threatens to be Epic: Brad and Gregg.


The Devizes Show is on Saturday 18 July 2009 and it is the Club's intention to put on the Boxer Rebellion game. At present we have Mick and James definitely going with Andy B and myself pending as driver(s) but dependant on work schedules.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Debrief for 4 February 2009

The Samauri Game; what is under peasant hut?

Hah so - Peasants!

Japanese peasants chasing away the Samauri who seem to be having a bad day of it....

A game of inter-galactic chippy - choppy.

Chippy - choppy this if you can!

US infantry deploy out of their Bradley APC
and engage Afghan rebels.

Games for 11 February will be:
French-Indian War (1757): Brett, Myself, Rob, Vince and Andy B (welcome to the club, Andy).
Warhammer Fantasy: Mick and Neil.
Gaslight: James and Trainset.
Vietnam: Tom, Gregg and Tony.
Warhammer Ancients: Chris, Bookmark and Brad.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Special Debrief from the Plymouth Show - Saturday 31 January 2009

Here are some photos that I took during the Plymouth Wargames Show on Saturday.
There were some pretty nice looking games put on. Whilst this report will concentrate on the Boxer Rebellion scenario, it would be remiss not to add that the Club had a second participation game running throughout the day in the form of Mick's 'Night of the Living Dead' (for new visitors to the Blog, take a look at posts for November when the Zombies started feasting at the Club). As always, a popular game that saw four out of five planned games completed and another Club wanting to paint up their own version - proof, if ever you needed it, that Zombies can be rather infectious. Indeed, we could probably have done with the Zombies on the Boxer table; Boxers breach compound wall - Boxers get eaten.....

The Boxer Rebellion took place in China during the summer of 1900 when long running tensions between the Chinese people and the foreign powers who had wide ranging powers and influence in the country spilled over into open war. This popular uprising was led by the secret Chinese society called the Righteous Harmonious Fists - or 'Boxers' to the Westerners. The Empress of China committed the large if antiquated Imperial Chinese Army to support the Boxers. The massacre of all foreigners and those Chinese who supported the 'foreign devils' in China had become a very real possibility.

A rapid and extraordinary alliance of necessity was formed by the competing Austro-Hungarians, French, Germans, British, Italians, Japanese, Russians and Americans who all had troops (but, alas, no Zombies) in China to defend their own interests.

The war lasted over a year and saw the Allies, initially caught on the back foot and besieged in the Peking Legations, eventually regaining the upper hand and, in the process, leaving thousands dead, the Boxers defeated, the Imperial Army humiliated and the Empress of China forced to flee Peking.

A punitive peace treaty was imposed on the Chinese who then began a series of reforms that, by the end of a turbulent and bloody 20th Century, has seen this sleeping dragon become the global industrial, political and military power she is today.

The scenario was played using the fast moving and frustratingly exciting (how many times in a row can you draw a Red from a pack of playing cards?) rules by Matakishi, 'The Natives are Restless Tonight' :

Allied troops have occupied a compound en route to Peking. The Boxers intend to destroy the Foreign Devils and launch a series of assaults on the position.

The Allies have no-where to run and so loophole the walls and prepare to defend themselves (British marines on the left and French sailors on the right).

Left: Austro-Hungarian sailors race to reach the compound as the Boxers approach.
Right: 'Betsy the International Gun' - shouldn't she be in Peking?

Left: Boxers storm the wall and are met by Russian sailors.
Right: The Allies fight back to back against a ferocious Boxer onslaught.

Overwhelming numbers, bravery, swords, spears and halbards against breech loading rifles in the hands of well led, professional troops - the outcome can still go either way....