Friday, June 26, 2009

Games for the first six months....

Good news for insomniacs, or those interested in what terrain we should be buying - here's the games we played, as far as I know, in the first six months of 2009. Shows our usual diversity if nothing else...

WFB 10
WW2 4
Naval 4
At Close Quarters 4
Others 4 (Risk, Wars of religion, Zombies, Samurai)
D&D 3
WH 40K 3
Hordes 3
Napoleonic 3
Wings of War 3
Boxer Rebellion 3
Epic 2
Future War Commander 2
Space Hulk 2
Necromunda 2
Mexican American War 2
Vietnam 2
Mordheim 1
Other Colonial 1
Marlburian 1
Warmaster Ancients 1
Grand Alliance 1
7 years war 1
Impetus 1
Retinue 1
Pony Wars 1
IK Warmachine 1

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly report and games for 1-7-09

The first game was a 500 point Warmachine one. Lessons learnt here were a) remember to move your big lumbering Jack off the bridge so the rest of your force can get into the fight and b) dont sit there looking smug when your opponent needs to throw a minimum of 6,6 and 5 on three d6 to hit your Warcaster when he's been throwing badly the whole game, luckily his damage throw after was back to normal...

Rob put on a 6mm ancient game, Alexanders Macedonians vs Indians, not sure what happened but I'm sure Alexander had a good ride with his Companions...

Andy ran a multiplayer Mordheim with a hint of WHFRP which saw two human and two skaven warbands battling it out over some very nice scenery. Lesson learnt was- if you have a warband that is mainly armed with guns, DONT charge into combat with your opponent...

Brett put on another very nice FIW game, lessons learned were a) cows should not upset Frenchmen with rifles and b) Frenchmen should not mess with a woman who's gran they have just dispatched...

Next week we have;

Afghan War (modern I think)- Tom, Phil, Tony and Gregg

AWI- Brett and Trainset

Malburlian- Vince, Rob and Chris

Warhammer- Robin and Mick

And now for the first in an occasional series of 'What Film is This Line From?'

'Dead or alive, your coming with me...'

Easy one to start, no prize if you get it right, but if you get it wrong everyone gets to point it out and laugh :-)

Thats it for this week.
Cheers, mick

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Games for 24-6-09

I have now officially taken over as club secetary (although the mini skirt the last one was wearing looks like a full length skirt on me, but at least it was washed...), cheers to Phil for doing a cracking job over the last year!

No photos this week I'm afraid as I was to engrossed in trying to figure out how to play Warhammer!!!

Next week we have:

French Indian War- Brett, Phil, Trainset and Andy G

Mordheim- Andy B, James, Bookmark, Tony F and Tom

I believe both the above two games would like to start as near to 7.30pm as possible.

Warmachine (500 points)- Robin and Mick

Horse and Musket- Vince, Rob, Bradley and Chris

Thats your lot for this week, til the next time, Mick

'Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it'

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Debrief for 10 June 2009

Whilst the Dungeons and Dragons participants battled with the Dungeon Master, 20mm Allied troops did battle with German Falschirmjager on 1942 Crete in 1942. So, a quiet night (unless you are the crew of the light tank who got taken out by a single shot from an AT Rifle - the only thing that went right for the Germans all night!).

Next week we have the return of the new Secretary so stand by. In the meantime, games for next week:

Flames of War World War Two: Vince, Tom, Andy B and Vince's mate.

Warhammer: Mick and Robin.

40K: Neil and Gregg.

Hordes of the Things / Song of Blades and Heroes (Hordes for Thickies apparently!): Bradley and James.

Zulu War (USUTHU!): Rob, Brett, Myself, Trainset, Chris and Bookmark.

Until then, Sala kahle.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Debrief for 3 June 2009

Last week the Annual General Meeting was held and amongst other things a new Committee voted in. Your new line up is:

Chairman - James (Deputy - Andy B)
Treasurer - Bookmark (Deputy - Brad)
Secretary - Mick (Deputy - Me!)

Well done the outgoing Committee (the rumours of a golden hand shake retirement deal are completely unfounded)and good luck to the new Committee. In the absence of the new Secretary you have won me for another couple of weeks.

A quiet night at the club last night with two 'civilised' games of D&D and CQB.

Next week:

D&D (Pathfinder): Andy, Brett, Bookmark, James, Robin, Chris and Trainset.

Crete 1942 (28mm): Vince, Brad, Phil, Tom and Andy B.