Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekly Update and Games for 2-2-11

Usual secretary away again this week (something about time of month or some such thing...) so I've had to step into the shoes, how he walks in these heels I have no idea...

Last night we had three games on the go, a Warmaster with Romans and Dacians doing what Romans and Dacians do, an Epic game that reached turn four with a minor Marine victory for James (put that with all the floods worldwide and its looking more and more like the Mayan prophecies are true, we're doomed!!!) and finally a 40k where the traitorous Imperial Guard (who finally had a legal army after almost a year!) had there backsides handed to them by Space Puppies...

Next week we have:

D&D- Andy G, Robin, James, Trainset, Brett, Bookmarc

Colonial Black Powder- Rob, Dave and Bradley with room for three more

If neither of those appeal to you, you have six days to sort out something.

This weeks quote

'You can't go that way sir, there's a bomb'


'I know, I put it there.'

Normal service should be resumed next week.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Games for 26th January 2011

Last night some little Prussians take on some dinkie French. By the sounds of the shouting there was plenty of elan !

Half the club appeared to be playing, spit, Magic. Trainset took the opportunity to tell the club he only had a little deck, but liked to play with it. Bless.

On the 7 Years War table the "Black Powder" rules handled a grinding draw well.

Next week we have:

40K - Robin and Mick. Will the Lego Lander be ready in time ?

Warmaster Ancients- Dave will put Rob, Bookmarc and me through our paces.

Epic- Bradley and James will attempt the impossible; the quest for turn three.

Mystery Meet- Brett will show Trainset his ancient naval. Just right for a small deck.


James asked for and got approval to use club funds for a "bridging loan" to cover Legionary advertising costs.

Andy raised Plymouth show again, but no one could think of a game to run at the moment.

Last Weeks Quote:

Heartbreak Ridge

This Weeks Quote:

"You fought your duel. That is well. Never fight another. That is better."


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Games for 19th January 2011

Last night saw 3 games.

In BFG James lost. Again. Why does he do it ?

On the 10mm AWI front I last saw two lines struggling for supremacy.

In "Tannhauser" Bradley switched between liking and hating the game, depending on how he was doing. He ended up loathing it.

Next Week We Have:

Franco Prussian to "Volley & Bayonet" - Dave, Bradley, Mick and Brett will be hoping they have the necessary elan to carry it off.

Magic - What ? Again ? I thought it was banned. Bookmarc, Trainset, Robin and Jamie will be corrupting Knuckles. Rolling a six here boss.

That leaves anyone else who is attending, which includes me, to organise their own game. So what we do depends on who and how many are coming, so let me know. If it's just me and Andy B, then I guess it'll be Daleks.


Plymouth Show - We haven't had an invite and no one felt strongly about setting up and running a game.

Warhammer League - Brett announced the league was cancelled due to lack of progress. Bradley loses again.

Last Weeks Quote:

"Last of the Mohicans". Not "The Patriot", although I can see why you could think that.

This Weeks Quote:

"This is an AK 47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy; and it makes a distinctive sound when fired at you, so remember it."


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Games for 12th January 2011

Last night saw 3 games played.

Andy G ran D & D Pathfinder, Dave put on a Nappy game to "Black Powder" and Bradley ran an epic Epic.

Next week we have:

BFG with James, Robin, Andy G, Rob(possibly) and Jamie

AWI in 10mm with Brett, Bookmarc, Trainset and Dave

Tannhauser with Mick, Bradley and Vince

AOB - Er, must have missed it if there was any.

Last Weeks quote: Well there wasn't one. No one was man enough to step into the secretary role when I was away !

The weeks before quote: Tobruk

This Weeks Quote:

"You call yourself a patriot and loyal subject to the Crown ?"

"I don't call my self subject to much at all."