Thursday, February 24, 2011

Games for 2nd March 2011

Last night saw Mick's army FUBAR by Jame's Black Legion. I know James hates one sided games, so it wil have given him no pleasure.

Robin played one of the most one sided WFB 8th edition games I have ever seen. Just as well James wasn't involved is all I can say.

On the Franco-Prussian table the Prussians managed to remove the nasty whining noise that was coming from the other side of the table. I still can't work out what was causing it, but it sounded a lot like it was "the dice", "not my fault", "the rules have changed" etc.

Next week we have:

Mick, Andy ?, James and Brett will be FUBAR in a 40K game clone.

Dave, Rob and Bradley will be showing what it is to be ancient to Warmaster rules.

Vince and Bookmarc take to the air like true gentlemen, in a Wings of War WW1 game. Others can play if they don't mind Bookmarc sneaking up behind them.


Leigh from (The Model shop on Albion Street, Exmouth) spoke to members about his business and the things he might be able to stock that would interest club members. It was generally felt that paints would be the best initial area to consider.

It was agreed 24 x 6mm scale trees should be sourced at Salute if possible.

Last Week's Quote:

I guess it was "Scorpion King"

This Week's Quote:

"May I smoke my pipe as well ?"

"Please, Colonel, make yourself at home."


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Games and such.

Meh. Knew I'd forgotten to write something, somewhere.

This week saw a sporting and cheerful Very British Civil War game between the Ferreros and the adults. Somehow they won, but revenge has been taken on Facebook. Try being trendy now, Tom.

Rob and Andy played with some small colourful men we were told weren't wearing dresses. Dave, Dude, Bradley and Bookmark played a 2 player game of Memoir 44. All in all quite normal.

Next week, Robin and Dude try WFB 8th, Mick & I try FUBAR 40K (and I thought all 40K was fubar already) and everyone else is playing or watching Volley and Bayonet. Or FPW. Or both.

"After a long day of looting and pillaging, there is no greater city than Gomorrah... except maybe Sodom." shall be your quote. I've got no idea about last weeks.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Games for 16th February 2011

Last night saw 2 games.

On the, spit, "Magic", table things did not look too magic for James, as he couldn't get any land. Ruddy competitive games I say.

On the other table, 40K Imperial Guard took on 40K Orks for a very un 40K game of FUBAR. The objective was a cross roads and after much loss of life the Ork army was definitely FUBAR.

Next week we have:

Memoir 44 - Bradley, Dave and Bookmarc build sand castles.

Very British Civil War - Mick, James and Robin enter a make believe 1930's Britain. I understand Robin is slicking back his hair as we speak.

War of the Grand Alliance - Rob, Andy B and Vince test out how the "Black Powder" rules handle pointy sticks and muskets at the same time.

AOB - James reported there had been a good response regarding demonstration and participation games. Contacts about the competitions were also strong. James is about to update the Legionary website, so keep and eye out for the latest news.

Last Weeks Quote:

was from "I Was Monty's Double". I couldn't find a clean quote for "I Was Trainset's Double"

This Weeks Quote:

"Teeth aren't all that good."

"Supposed to shoot the enemy, not bite them."


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

40K using FUBAR rules

So tonight was a trial of the FUBAR rules (posted somewhere on the blog according to Mick) adpated to use 40K capable troops. Imperial Guard against an onslaught of Orks, well at least that's what the Greenskins would like you to believe! Using initiative to get things on the move here is an example of how good their command rolls were tonight ...
In these rules '1' is not good. So not much happened until the the Orks decided to call for umpire assistance. Which basically went along the lines of "just move some figures anyway so we can at least get a game". The Orks dutifully obeyed and then met a hail of Guard gunfire, first the tank:Then some machine guns:

... and finally and a big pointy gun:

With the following results ... first the target, which was some sort of baked bean tin on legs and then the result, which was bascially turned into beans on toast ...

Moral of the story is not to blame the rules for bad luck with the dice - "yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but ..."

Friday, February 04, 2011

Historically hysterical ...

The club has played some nice games with men marching in decent straight lines. Here is a Volley and Bayonet FPW game. The French remained nervous all night even though they were deployed on a ridge line with reverse slope capabilities. The Germans charged forward recklessly and lost a few brigades of cavalry .... Bradley! Mick threatened to turn up and play this game, but strangely got very sick!

... and then there were even striaghter lines from the Seven Years War period. This was a Black Powder run out by Rob and his multi-capable men in Tricorns.

Bretonnian spearman marching to the table ...

These guys once fought on the tables of Exmouth but are about to be drafted to another global location, yet to be decided by the power of ebay. There are some left and many knights. The cash will be turned into 15mm horse and musket type figures which will bring much joy to the club, honest.

Next week's games ... press ups on the throne ....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Games for 9th February 2011

Last night saw 3 games.

In a tinky winky Zulu game it went to the wire, but Bradley held the thin red line.

On the Incursion table, we found that Mick was more of a zombie than Yank. I think we already knew that.

In the D & D game, Bookmarc had a coke and Andy G had two cups of coffee. Oh, and someone shaved Trainset. No really. That's what I call role playing.


Andy B recognised he had no mates and decided to go to Plymouth show to find some.

James announced he had access to the Legionary website and would do some work on it in the next few days. Expect articles on Totnes and lentils.

Mick leapt up to tell everyone that "Dr Who Adventures" magazine (£2.50 from all good newsagents) had a free gift of 17 x 28mm plastic Daleks. Everyone told him this was "nice to hear" and eventually he calmed down.

Brett, sitting next to the formerly hirsute Trainset, led to cries of "separated at birth" and "twins".

Games for Next Week:

Shame on you Bookmarc, Bradley, Knuckles and James ? for playing, spit, Magic (again).

FEBA - Mick will run a 40K alike with Andy B, Rob and Vince.

Genetic engineering experiments continue with Brett and Trainset. Throw away the ugly ones this time boys.

Last Weeks Quote:

I didn't set it, but I guess it was "Fifth Element"

This Weeks Quote in honour of the club's new twins:

"Why don't you take a powder ?"

"I just did."