Thursday, April 21, 2011

Games for 27th April 2011

Last night saw 3 games:

On the Black Powder table Italians/French met Austrians at Solferino. Not sure what the result was, but the French/Italian armies Guards turned out to be more like Girl Guides.

In D & D the party got trapped and paid a ransom, because they were all very scared.

On the Pirates table, the Undead Pirates won the day and some very pretty Black Scorpion models painted by Andy B got blooded. A couple of them got bent after Bradley dropped his tape on them. We should have done better, but you try killing undead !

Next Week's Games:

Ancients - Rob, Andy G and James, yep James, will be Hailing Caesar.

Very British Civil War - Mick, Andy B, Vince, Brett, Trainset and Gareth will be settling scores in the 1930's.

AOB - The treasurer said he would raise a cheque to pay Legionaries insurance.

James reported plans for Legionary were on track, take up for the tournaments was good but places were still available.

The club welcomed new member Gareth. A skirmish player, he agreed to come back next week despite getting his Goblins spanked on the Pirates table.

Magic, what ? - Jamie and Bradley will be put in the darkest corner and covered with a cloth.

Last Week's Quote -

Well a couple of weeks back actually, was from "Revelation of the Daleks". OK, that is cheating, but I was sure Andy B would get it.

This Week's Quote:

"Pain can be controlled - you just disconnect it."


Friday, April 15, 2011

Games for 20/4/11

Last night saw 2 games. The volume for once was generated by the non-hysterical players on the BFG table as Robin managed to offend a third of his fleet into complete inaction before a ship had even moved. A few choice shots with two nova cannon saw the Orks rethink the whole "never brace" policy as the Imperial fleet score another victory. Can there be any orks left in Gothic sector?

On the the other table, Bradley was "forced to play the French" and saw the last few understrength and under-moral Prussians extend their holdings to Spain. I think.

Next week - the usual suspects are playing Pathfinder as the quick journey home after the last big fight enters it's third session. Rob and Dave are playing Black Powder something, and Andy B, Mick and Vince are smuggling pirated daleks. I may have drifted off at that point.

And what is it with blogspot and formating?????

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Games for 13th April 2011

Last night we had 3 games. In VBCW Brett was losing again, despite facing Robin, who looked more interested in his "Gay Nights" codex than anything else. On the rennaisance table it was really a battle of manoeuvre, with the Italians crossing a river to spank the Germans. In Wings of War, Andy B and Bradley showed that Fokker DR1's and SE5a's really were well matched. Next week we have: Franco Prussian War - The tiny tiddlers will be marshalled by Vince, Rob, Bradley, Dave, Bookmarc and Andy B. At a ratio of one commander per figure by the sounds of it ! BFG - Some space thing I understand. James, Brett, Roddy, Trainset and Robin will boldly go. Well, more baldly go in some cases. That leaves Knuckles and anyone else who turns up. So if you want to play, bring a game, because Knuckles won't. AOB - The club agreed to finance the purchase of 2 foot of river from "Last Valley" and a desert mat when members visit Salute. The model shop on Albion Hill now has a full range of GW paints in stock. Last Week's Quote: You are a jarhead if you didn't get it. This Week's Quote: "Those rosy red lips were made for kissing." "But not by you." And before anyone comments, it was not said to Beef during the last game of Memoir '44. Well, unless Bradley sneaked in whilst I was out of the room.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Battle of El Teb (Black Powder)

It started with a parade for the BEF looking for some Fuzzy Wuzzies ...

It seemed quite simple with some easy parade ground manoeuvres on the plain ...

Then some big fuzzy hands moved an army of Dervishes onto the table

The Dervishes formed up (sort of) then charged

... and a couple of steady volleys later ...

Time for a nice cup of tea. Well done lads.