Thursday, July 28, 2011

Games for 03/08

You can tell it's Pathfinder night when most of the tape measures are still in the cupboard. Roddy proved his worth as a trap finder - albeit slightly too late in most cases - as the party wandered up and down a trail as I forgot an important item of equipment. Er, back to the camp next session lads. Sorry. Other tables saw Future War Commander, Warhammer and Very British Civil War swinging pleasantly to the left for once.

Next week we have 20mm modern Iraqistan from Tom, with Tony and room for two more?; Bliztkreig Commander with Bill, Taff, and two others - Andy B, Rob, Robin, slot yourselves in one of those if you're down. Elsewhere Brett, Mike and Trainset will play something colonial and me, Mick, Roddy and Bradley will play.... something else colonial. Or Napoleonic, or Fantasy, depending on how Martian Empires is viewed that night.

Flim last week was Clerks. I thought Mick might be the only one, and the rest of you should be ashamed. Easier one for you -
"There's supposed to be a river here."
"Them ecology boys must've moved it."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Games played so far

Slightly late with the six months list - no great suprises though!

  • Very British Civil War - 11

  • Pathfinder - 7

  • Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 7

  • Fringe - 6

  • FPW - 5

  • LOTR - 4

  • Bliztkrieg commander - 3

  • Epic - 3

  • BFG - 3

  • FUBAR - 3

  • Hordes - 3

  • Fantasy Pirates - 3

  • Other Colonial - 2

  • Warmaster Ancients - 2

  • Wings of War - 2

  • Martian Empires - 2

  • ACW - 1

  • GNW - 1

  • WFB - 1

  • WHQ - 1

  • 7 years war - 1

  • WH 40K - 1

  • Napoleonic - 1

  • Nap Naval - 1

  • Secrets of the Third Reich - 1

  • Future War Commander - 1

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Games for 27/07/11

This week (well, last week now but hey) saw more meso-amercian hordes action as the Aztecs attempted to follow up on last weeks victory and failed. Lord of the Rings seemed to involve a cave troll, and books, this time; Future War Commander took on Cold War Commander - not sure how that works; Vince dealt with Andy's Incursion by the window, and the Devizes VBCW game was thoroughly practiced.

Next week - usual suspects, and Roddy for his sins, return to the desert island in Pathfinder; Vince, Mick and Mike are playing VBCW, again; Taff and Tony are playing Memoir 44, Bradley and Tom will give WFB 8th a shot, and Dave and Bill will do something Rick Preistly ish.

By unpopular request, at least with me, I've been asked to keep the film quote going. Sigh. You get what you deserve. "My friend here's trying to convince me that any independent contractors who were working on the uncompleted Death Star were innocent victims when it was destroyed by the Rebels."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Games for 20/07/2011

This week we had a fairly quiet and civilised game of Hordes of the Things overlooking the sea, while everyone else enjoyed watching a game of pre WW2 Very British Civil War. Roddy's command dice were crap at vital moments, Trainset parked in the graveyard, and the British elite mounted wing fled the scene. Think that covers it.

Next week - another VBCW Devises practice for Mick, Brett, Trainset, Bradley and Gareth; Memoir 44 with Taff (yes Taff) Tony and Bookmark; more pre-Columbus Hordes with me and Roddy and maybe Bill, or possibly Blitzkrieg commander or WFB 8th with Bill and Robin. Everyone else, bring down something to amuse yourselves.

Quote was probably the only line from Dusk till Dawn suitable for the blog. No one got it so I win. The end.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Games for 13/07/11 - Corrected

Right then.... This week saw some games but I was busy baiting Brett in Martian Empires so wasn't paying much attention.

Next week we have the RPFC playing Marlburian Black Powder, Robin and Bill no longer playing WFB 8th, me and Roddy playing HotT, and Brett, Trainset, Bradley and Mick playing pre-WW2 as I now have to call it. But Mick seems to call it VBCW still. Anyone without a game, bring a HotT army in 15mm.

Quote was obviously from Flash Gordon, why don't we play more pulp? This week - "If you try to run, I've got six little friends and they can all run faster than you can."

Friday, July 01, 2011

Games for July 6th

This week saw 3 games and some LOTR figures unpacked and repacked. Very British Civil War had turned into a discussion on period phone boxes when I passed it, and the Napoleonic Naval was just like ships passing in the night. That only leaves me to draw a veil, or possibly a shroud, over the annual Epic game where due to failures in army selection, deployment, tactics, and (mostly) dice rolling, the Dark Angels were wiped out by turn 2. Hey ho. I blame Roddy.

Next week - Brett and Bradley come back to Mars with me; Bill and Rob come not to praise Preistly but to Hail him; Mick and Vince descend to the Underhive, and Knuckles and Trainset are playing LOTR.

Last week's quote was Serenity. This week "Are your men on the right pills?"