Thursday, September 29, 2011

Games played, year to date

And the unsuprising results to date are...

• Very British Civil War - 14
• Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 10
• Pathfinder - 9
• Fringe - 7
• Bliztkrieg commander - 5
• LOTR - 5
• FPW - 5
• BFG - 4
• Hordes - 4
• Epic - 3
• WFB - 3
• WHQ - 3
• FUBAR - 3
• WH 40K - 3
• Fantasy Pirates - 3
• Martian Empires - 3
• Other Colonial - 2
• Warmaster Ancients - 2
• GHQ Microarmour - 2
• Wings of War - 2
• AWI - 2
• Future War Commander - 2
• Modern - 2
• Flames of War - 1
• POTSM - 1
• ACW - 1
• GNW - 1
• 7 years war - 1
• Napoleonic - 1
• Nap Naval - 1
• Secrets of the Third Reich - 1

Still quite a diverse mix, but very different systems at the top this time round. Time will tell if those two remain our most popular games or just a fad.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trips up North

There was meant to be something about a trip up North on the last entry - next week, 05/10/11, Me, Mick and Brett, otherwise known as the diplomatic corps (and Brett) will be popping up to Rygas to abuse John and ask Dave and Robin questions about websites and wargame shows. We'll probably have a quick game of something while we're there.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Games for 28/09 and trips up North

Right then, briefly - Bookmark and Trainset "Wedding Planner" Hornby both missed the Pirate Game, and our chance to bid young Tom the Cabin boy farewell in a very Exmouth Club fashion. Suffice to say, the table was covered in dead seamen by the end. I think Roddy went down first though. Etc. Continue that by email at your lesiure. Down the very very far end of the room - something we said? - the insurgents were fighting the invading colonial power in the AWI game. I assume someone with a pointy hat won.

For this week, Bradley wants to play WFB 8th; Mick wants to play 40K 6th, both with Robin; everyone else can play 7YW with Rob and the RPFC. As I'm seemingly allowed down despite going on the lash Thursday I might bring something different with me.

Film quote was PotC - Dead Man's Chest. This week - "By the authority vested in me by Kaiser William II, I pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Games for 21/9

Another slightly quieter week with the FOW players unable to face the excitement (or possibly the unpacking. Or the packing up. Or the early war army lists. Or- but I digress). Warhammer Quest proved that the rarely used Settlement Rules make hunting minotaurs look like a holiday; Brett joined the Rick Preistly Fan Club in the Indian Mutiny; and Mick made Robin pack up a whole turn early in 40K. Shame.

Next week is the closest Wenesday to ITLAPD (do your own research) so Mick is running a pirate game for Roddy, me, Trainset, Bradley, and Bookmark; and the only other game on seems to be AIW with Brett and Rob. If you're planning on coming down and aren't on the list, make yourself known...

Quote last week was Alien. This week - "You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Games for 14/9

Only 2 games last week - Tom crossed the line in WHQ and attacked the party, and there was a very civilised British War on the other table. Where are you all?

Next week, Mick and Robin play 40K using 40K rules; Andy B and Vince play something, possibly FOW; Rob and Brett and anyone else can play Indian Mutiny; Knuckles and Simon play LOTR; and Andy G, Roddy, Bradley and Bookmark return to WHQ. That looks busier...

Film quote last was from Tora Tora Tora. Oddly. This week - "Fossilized. Looks like it's growing out of the chair."

Monday, September 05, 2011

Games for 07/09

Right then. 3 games that I remember last week - Pathfinder continued and we may have accidently stumbled over the plot; there was a big group of figures in the centre of a large table that I guess was a LOTR skirmish; and a small game of microarmour in the window.

Next (this) week we have just the two games planned; WHQ with Andy G, Bradley, Bookmark, Roddy, Tom (and no others!) and VBCW skirmish with Mick, Rob, possibly Brett and everyone else.

Quote was of course Watchmen. This week you can have "Tora! Tora! Tora!"