Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Games For 2-1-13

This week saw a few of us die hards trying to Frag each other...

Next week we have:

Muskets and Tomahawks with Brett and Trainset

VBCW with Mick, Bradley and Rob

If anyone else wants to put something on please announce it on the yahoo site.

Last weeks seasonal quote was from 'The Great Escape'.

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Games For 26-12-12

This week saw a one all draw between the Rebels and Empire in X-Wing, people realising that Saga is not a historical simulation game (the clues in the name...) and two new victims sacrificed to Magic the Disheartening...

Next week will be an open game of FRAG! for anyone who wants to turn up (unless the Mayans were right, in which case there may not be a meeting).

Seasons greetings to everyone and I hope the big fella brings you the toys you asked for :o)

To finish a seasonal quote for wargamers:

'Good luck!'
'Thank y...'

Until next time,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

SAGA Louts - Saxons

Some might call these the good guys, depends on which SAGA Battleboard you prefer. However, its pretty damn sure that their leader will burn the cakes:
Hours of endless fun await the Saxons and Vikings as they do battle over the dung heaps, donkeys and sheep of Exmouth.

SAGA Louts - Vikings

15mm Saga ... blame Rob, he made me do it! First we have a Viking faction, really simple and one of the quickest armies I've ever done. Slightly over 24 hours from purchase in a shady pub deal to completion:

Games for 19/12/12

Last night at the club saw the consumption of several large piles of meat, chips and enough ice cream and chocolate to put a diabetic in a coma.  And that was just Roddy.  Afterwards we marked Christmas in the traditional fashion with Santa beating up Judge Anderson and several games of Magic: The Querying.

Next week is open to some debate as we were too busy enjoying this week.  I'm bringing down my Aztecs vs all their neighbours game; everyone else sort it out on the yahoogroup.