Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Games For 6-2-13

This week saw Mars run red (or green...)

Next week we have :

Star Wars Rpg with Rob, Mick, Bradley, Taff and possibly Steve?

Kings of War with Bill and Bookmark

The Hobbit with Tony, James and Trainset

This weeks question:

What was the first game you played that used painted figures?

Until next time,


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Games for 30/01/13

Apologies for late post.. several excuses, none that are very convincing.  Next week we have Rob and Dave playing WW2 in the desert; a return to Mars with James, Trainset, Robin and Bookmark; and Memoir 44 with Taff and Bradley.  Although what Bradley's doing after 9:00 I don't know.

See you Wednesday....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Games For 23-1-13

This week saw Luke letting the rebellion down again, dwarves and goblins mixing it up and a few games of 'Magic the Sickening'.

Next week we have:

Star Wars Rpg with Rob, Mick, Bradley, Bookmark and Taff

BFG with Robin and James

If anyone else is coming down can they post on here what they would like to do?

This weeks question following on from last weeks, what was the first figure you ever painted?

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Games for 16/01/13

A pleasant if slightly odd evening at the club saw Brett taking us to the dark side of Neutral with the start of Way of the Wicked, and a fun looking game of Dreadball on the table next door.  Get the figures painted by April, eh?  :-)

Next week we have Mick doing whatever they were meant to be doing this week - X wing?; Tony and hopefully Dave and Dooma playing riddles in the dark with Tony's new Hobbit game; and Bradley, Bookmark, Steve, Robin, and me playing Magic.  In the interest of getting players for my games later in the year you understand....

Legionary trader bookings going well with us hitting double figures with four months to go.  Looking good!

This weeks question - what was the last figure you painted and why?

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Games For 9-1-13

This week saw a clash in the woods of 18th century Canada (and not a teddy bear or picnic in sight) and a 1938 Devon road doing an impression of the M25 with all the hold ups...

Next week we have:

Pathfinder with the usual crew

Epic with Bradley and Taff

X-Wing with Mick and Rob

If anyone else is coming down or there is a change to the above please post to the yahoo site.

Until the next time,