Saturday, December 31, 2011

Games review 2011 - Hail Caesar

Rick Priestly fan club reporting here for duty. This game saw a Dacian horde tasked with stealing two Roman Eagles from a couple of Legions and then killing everyone else on the table - simples. It began with a brave show of horde like tendancies aimed at making the Romans quake in their sandals, they responded by simply standing still and ignoring them. In fact the Romans were to do lots of standing still that night, much to the disgust of Rob who couldn't make a command roll to save his Roman Forum Political career.
In the first turn, one of the Dacian Chieftains decided to blunder early on, Dave was using the lucky dice from the club cupboard - cheers for that fellas. Rob laughed at the sight of two warband sixes on display, but not for long because the result of the blunder was an uncontrolled charge up hill against the Romans, which saw an improbable Dacian victory - strike one Eagle.
Next, and finally with Rob only being able to move due to initiative (he was still failing miserably with his command rolls) the Dacians were charged by a Roman Legion which then
got surrounded and beaten up by a bunch of ragged warbands - Strike two Eagles.
Rob hurrumphed off the to the bar saying something like "rules wrong, dice unlucky". Dave assumed a smug smile and with his horde marching off with some new shiney Roman toys.

Games review 2011 - China vs NATO

Some images from a Cold War Commander Game between Dave and Rob late in 2011. A Chinese horde confidently attacked NATO in hidden positions circa 1980. First we see the hidden NATO positions ... well actually we can't see them because they are hidden - duh!
Following this the Chinese attacked the centre across a ford they found very early on - something to do with their webbed feet:
But they got stuck, mainly because of the NATO hidden troops opening up with LAW, MILAN and Medium MGs.
The Chinese did manage to kill the MILAN team and it's supporting infantry on the NATO right flank, which was a very high priced piece of kit to be lost to the Chinese.
But then the NATO armour counter attacked and stalled the entire Chinese assault. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and the rest of the Yellow Peril horde that didn't make it onto the table - we shall see in 2012 if they can turn Europe into a Eutopian Communist state with little Red books everywhere.

Friday, December 30, 2011

First Session of a new year

And it might be a busy one. Vince and Andy don horned helmets & zimmers for Saga; Rob, Dave and Bill attempt something little and WW2 ish; Robin, Mick, Brett and Bookmark show how different they are to the RPFC and play something little and WW2 ish; Bradley and Kris play WW2 the only sane way with Memoir 44; and me and Trainset are taking Tom up the Khyber. Stop sniggering at the back.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Games for 28-12-11

Usual secertary off with plague (or as some suspect, to busy playing with his baby sons new toys for xmas...)

Last night saw a mini (and noisey) dungeon delve, a try out of Mantics 'Kings of War' which seemed to go down well and a Wild West shoot out in a mexican village where the Mexican bandito's saw off the US posse and kept hold of Santa with his pinyata bag...

Next week we have:

Smugglers Shiv with the usual suspects

Kings of War with Bill and Rob

Incursion with Andy B, Vince and Tom (please don't break him...)

Zombies with Kris, Bradley, Connor and Mick

Seasonal quote (sort of...):

'Get out! Your all drunk!'

Til the plague hits again (or theres new toys...)


EXETER LEGIONARY MMXII Saturday 5th May 2012
Games, traders, competitions and a HUGE bring and buy!
Every year we get BIGGER and better...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last club night before the hostilities

Sorry, festivities. 21/12/11 the club is ON - and we have The Rules With No Name with Mick, Vince, Andy B and Tom; Aztecs (etc) with me, Brett, Roddy, Rob H and Taff. I seem to have no note of other games/players, ie Bradley/Bookmark, what are you up to lads?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Games for 14th December

Last week much food was eaten. Mostly helpless, confused dumb animals - eating other ones. >canned laughter<

On this week coming we have the RPFC playing the ECW (as couple of them can remember it); Memoir 44/Last Night on Earth with KRIS, Bradley, Vince, Andy G, James and Roddy. Knuckles is bring LOTR if anyone fancies that.

Week after I think is Wild West and Aztecs -hopefully on different tables. Pathfinder on the 28th.

Film quote was the awful but memorable Lair of the White Worm.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Games for 7th and 14th December

Right then - Just a quick note to say NO GAMES NEXT WEEK - we're downstairs eating and drinking. Please confirm if you're coming so Mick can adjust table size if required.

Week after - there has been talk of Hail Cromwell (the insurgent rather than the tank I think); and Knuckles has said he'll bring a game down. I'll run something (as yet undecided) for 3 or 4 people. Discuss on the yahoogroup because I'm not stopping half way through my nut loaf for this at nine next week.

Film quote is "I change my cars as regularly as a snake sheds its skin." from a terrible film but no doubt it will be on TV again soon enough.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Games for 30/11/11 & Bristol

Hard as it was for me to cope with the waves of enthusiasm and organisation at nien o'clock [1] I'm informed the following is happening. RPFC are playing either HC or BP; and James, Roddy, Bradley and Trainset are playing Hordes of the Things. That's all folks.

Week after is the 7th and the Club Christmas meal - the pub has taken a proper paying booking that night so THERE IS NO CLUB 07/12/11. We'll be downstairs eating and drinking.

The Bristol show was a very pleasant day out, thanks to Bradley for driving and Mick for laying on the game - much admired and discussed, and responsible for boosting Bristol's economy with extra tea light sales. Good to catch up with the Berkeley Vale club in my case, GWP regulars in Mick's, and do a very small ammount of shopping.

[1] Does anyone have a game planned, or even in mind? (long pause) …….nien……

Monday, November 21, 2011

Games for 23/11

Following last week's heady mix of Memoir 44, old school Necromunda and new school AWI, we're back to normal with Pathfinder for the usual suspects - most of whom are captured by cannibals so shouldn't take long; Operation Sealion with Mick, Bradley, and random passers by; and Dave and the RPFC are doing "something" (so in answer to your questions folks, Rob - no one knows; Mick - yes fine).

See you Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Games for... tomorrow....

Right, apologies for late post, Nurgle has come to play. That's "Man-flu" for the RPFC.

Next week we have BP AWI with Dave, Trainset, and the RPFC; Memoir 44 with Taff and Bookmark; and Necromunda 1st Edition with Roddy, me and Bradley. Other players to insert themselves gently into AWI or Necro...

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Games (and Hordes of the Things) for 09/11

An early finish allows for a brief blog entry... thanks to Mick for running a hugely enjoyable Vampire skirmish game for 8 players... I'm sure the grown ups enjoyed themselves as well. Welcome to the darkside, Mike.

Next week - Hordes of the Things - mini league for me, Roddy, Dave, Trainset (Stargate?), Bradley, Knuckles if he's around, and anyone else welcome. 24 AP - same list for all games - 15mm frontage, 1 hour max per game. Shout if you want to borrow anything specific from me or Bradley. Some one set up 3 2foot tables in row wheh you get there.

Other offerings, Mick will be balancing a ball on his nose for operation Sealion with Vince, Taff, Bill and Robin; and the RPFC will be playing something, possibly dark age ish.

Christmas meal 07/12, no partners; quote was No Country for Old Men, this week -
"You know, in ancient cultures, bears were considered equal with men"
"This ain't no ancient culture here, mister"
"Sometimes it is. "

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hordes league

Forgot to mention - the following week (09/11/11) we will be having a small Hordes of the Things league, much to the shock of Andy B who prefers more serious matters like his cybernetic nazi gorilla. 24AP armies, 15mm base sizes, loan armies available from Bradley or me. The rules are now a free download here - as an unzipped 17mb file (don't ask me) - and many army lists and the tactical manual can be found at the excellent Meadhall site here -

Complaints to the usual address...

Games for 02/11

Next week the club is split 50/50 between adults, playing Great Northern War (it's grim oop North) under Black Powder; and the rest of us, playing something with Mick and Vampires.

You can even have another quote, even though you didn't get the last one -

- If I don't come back, tell mother I love her.
- Your mother's dead, Llewelyn.
- Well then I'll tell her myself.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Games for 26th and stuff...

Apologies for late post; birthdays, games etc have interferred...

Next week we have Pathfinder with me, Andy G, Brett, Trainset, Bookmark, Roddy and Robin. Andy and Vince are playing Secrets of the Third Reich; Mick and Bradley are playing Warhammer 8th; and The Rick Priestley Fan Club will be playing with uniforms. Or maybe tanks.

Some AOB - someone try and remember to discuss the Christmas meal this week; we'll have a Hordes league in 15mm in a couple of weeks time; also Grubby Tanks and Forlorn Hope have booked in for the show, details on the Legionary Website here. Now have about a dozen traders and half a dozen games (which I'll add to the site shortly!).


Friday, October 14, 2011

Games for 19th October

Right then. This week I was given command of the Bismarck and successfully sunk the Hood by 21:00. Not often History goes my way so I'm going to gloat about that. Mark did then get his revenge in Bommerz but there you go. Elsewhere Mick, Roddy and a blast from the past played VBCW, Bradley and Robin played 8th and Robin hit his own knights with a comet, and Rob and Dave did something Hail Caeser ish.

Next week - me and Roddy are playing 15mm sci fi; Bradley and Taff are playing WFB 8th; the RPFC with the fully assimilated Brett are playing something Germanic; Mick and Bookmark are playing VBCW; and Vince and Andy B are probably playing FOW.

Have a think please about a Christmas do on the 14th - other halves welcome but as suggestions so far include a "WAGS table" or making them dress as camp followers, attend at their own risk.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

6mm NATO Troops

So Dave has finally got his 1975-85 NATO 6mm CWC troops ready for the table top. Here are a few views of them in the final stages of preparation, namely that all important varnish. The are three mechanised rifle companies, one armoured squadron (Leopards and M48 Pattons) and supports such as Milans, Artillery and fast ground attack. In addition to the NATO forces there is a Canadian Rifle Battalion of three companies, with Grizzly APCs - but not much else ... so on with the visual show:

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Games for the 12th

Games for the 12th stand pretty much unchanged, with the RPFC playing something by RP; Bradley will play WFB, and me, Bookmark and Taff will play Victory at Sea; but we do have the addition of Mick running a VBCW skirmish for stragglers who make it past Bradley.

Three of us paid a flying visit to Rygas to discuss the show - all very pleasant and amicable, and Legionary 2012 is on a good footing thanks to some support from Rygas. Cheers lads.

Film quote is [just after the piano explodes] "That doesn't usually happen".

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Games for 05/10 and maybe 12/10

Only 3 games played this week - I proved that WFB was not essentially any different in this edition and lost; Mick introduced a new chap to the club and very kindly lost as well; and the RPFC played something historical in an evening that Brett likes. Who'd have thunk it.

Next week - me, Brett, Mick and Bookmark are travelling up to Rygas to discuss some show stuff, and then with no hint of irony play Very British Civil War; the RPFC are playing with uniforms. Or tanks. Maybe tanks. Bradley is playing WFB 8th with anyone too slow to another game, and if Vince and Andy B are down they'll play something. Possibly WFB 8th if they're slow off the mark.

However - Andy G wants run a Pathfinder at some point, either Shiv or a one off, so if anyone wants to play that sound off.

For the 12th, as things stand - the RPFC will play something by RP; Bradley will play WFB, and me, Bookmark and Taff will play Victory at Sea; unless something happens to change that.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Games played, year to date

And the unsuprising results to date are...

• Very British Civil War - 14
• Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 10
• Pathfinder - 9
• Fringe - 7
• Bliztkrieg commander - 5
• LOTR - 5
• FPW - 5
• BFG - 4
• Hordes - 4
• Epic - 3
• WFB - 3
• WHQ - 3
• FUBAR - 3
• WH 40K - 3
• Fantasy Pirates - 3
• Martian Empires - 3
• Other Colonial - 2
• Warmaster Ancients - 2
• GHQ Microarmour - 2
• Wings of War - 2
• AWI - 2
• Future War Commander - 2
• Modern - 2
• Flames of War - 1
• POTSM - 1
• ACW - 1
• GNW - 1
• 7 years war - 1
• Napoleonic - 1
• Nap Naval - 1
• Secrets of the Third Reich - 1

Still quite a diverse mix, but very different systems at the top this time round. Time will tell if those two remain our most popular games or just a fad.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trips up North

There was meant to be something about a trip up North on the last entry - next week, 05/10/11, Me, Mick and Brett, otherwise known as the diplomatic corps (and Brett) will be popping up to Rygas to abuse John and ask Dave and Robin questions about websites and wargame shows. We'll probably have a quick game of something while we're there.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Games for 28/09 and trips up North

Right then, briefly - Bookmark and Trainset "Wedding Planner" Hornby both missed the Pirate Game, and our chance to bid young Tom the Cabin boy farewell in a very Exmouth Club fashion. Suffice to say, the table was covered in dead seamen by the end. I think Roddy went down first though. Etc. Continue that by email at your lesiure. Down the very very far end of the room - something we said? - the insurgents were fighting the invading colonial power in the AWI game. I assume someone with a pointy hat won.

For this week, Bradley wants to play WFB 8th; Mick wants to play 40K 6th, both with Robin; everyone else can play 7YW with Rob and the RPFC. As I'm seemingly allowed down despite going on the lash Thursday I might bring something different with me.

Film quote was PotC - Dead Man's Chest. This week - "By the authority vested in me by Kaiser William II, I pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Games for 21/9

Another slightly quieter week with the FOW players unable to face the excitement (or possibly the unpacking. Or the packing up. Or the early war army lists. Or- but I digress). Warhammer Quest proved that the rarely used Settlement Rules make hunting minotaurs look like a holiday; Brett joined the Rick Preistly Fan Club in the Indian Mutiny; and Mick made Robin pack up a whole turn early in 40K. Shame.

Next week is the closest Wenesday to ITLAPD (do your own research) so Mick is running a pirate game for Roddy, me, Trainset, Bradley, and Bookmark; and the only other game on seems to be AIW with Brett and Rob. If you're planning on coming down and aren't on the list, make yourself known...

Quote last week was Alien. This week - "You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Games for 14/9

Only 2 games last week - Tom crossed the line in WHQ and attacked the party, and there was a very civilised British War on the other table. Where are you all?

Next week, Mick and Robin play 40K using 40K rules; Andy B and Vince play something, possibly FOW; Rob and Brett and anyone else can play Indian Mutiny; Knuckles and Simon play LOTR; and Andy G, Roddy, Bradley and Bookmark return to WHQ. That looks busier...

Film quote last was from Tora Tora Tora. Oddly. This week - "Fossilized. Looks like it's growing out of the chair."

Monday, September 05, 2011

Games for 07/09

Right then. 3 games that I remember last week - Pathfinder continued and we may have accidently stumbled over the plot; there was a big group of figures in the centre of a large table that I guess was a LOTR skirmish; and a small game of microarmour in the window.

Next (this) week we have just the two games planned; WHQ with Andy G, Bradley, Bookmark, Roddy, Tom (and no others!) and VBCW skirmish with Mick, Rob, possibly Brett and everyone else.

Quote was of course Watchmen. This week you can have "Tora! Tora! Tora!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Games for 31/08

Right then. Only 2 games tonight, where Bill, Rob and Taff played microarmour by the window, and 4 of us proved that Magic was really just getting silly. Before that there was a Legionary meeting where many things were discussed. All looking good.

Next week - Andy G takes Robin, Roddy?, Trainset, Bookmark, Brett and me around a nice tropical island in Pathfinder; Vince and Andy B are playing something; Tom and Tony are playing something else (Must pay more attention); and the RPFC are playing GHQ Microarmour again.

Quote was Kill Bill (vol 2 for the picky) and this week you can have "Tonight, a comedian died in New York."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Games for 24/08

There are none. Or least very few. This Wednesday is the Legionary meeting until 21:00 and then VBCW skirmish or hordes. Film quote was from 2010 (ha!) and this weeks is "But after you've taken five steps, your heart explodes inside your body, and you fall to the floor, dead."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Games for 17/08

Last week saw a large game of VBCW and an another case of Tank-in-Churchyard - we may as deploy them in there and have done with it. The RPFC played Bliztkrieg Commander by the window and Tom blew up Tony's trucks in Iraqistan. All perfectly normal.

Next week - now this week, apologies for the delay but I was Tripod hunting - we have BFG with Brett, Robin, Bookmark, Andy G and Trainset (good luck!); another Iraqistan game with Tom, Tony, Mick and Connor (nice language in front of the minor please!); HotT with Bradley, me, and Roddy if he's down; and according to my handwriting, Flames of War Barbarella. Which can't be right, but will probably be Mick's next period.

Last week's quote was Warriors, a classic film of gang culture, violence and social unrest, that was followed by 4 nights of gang led violence and social unrest. No matter how hard I look I can't find a film quote about a bald myopic vegetarian wargamer winning the lottery, so you'll have to settle for - "My god, it's full of stars".

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Games for 10/08

An average turnout but a good variety of games played this week - AWI, Incursion, Bliztkreig Commander and Martian Empires. Next week we have VBCW with Mick, Bradley, Brett, Mike, Robin and some fermented apple drink consuming chap from the North East; HotT with me and Roddy; 20mm modern Iraqistan with Tom, Tony, Vince and Rob; and Blitzkreig Commander with Taff and Bill.

Quote last week was from Southern Comfort. This week another classic - "60,000 soldiers! Now, there ain't but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it?"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Games for 03/08

You can tell it's Pathfinder night when most of the tape measures are still in the cupboard. Roddy proved his worth as a trap finder - albeit slightly too late in most cases - as the party wandered up and down a trail as I forgot an important item of equipment. Er, back to the camp next session lads. Sorry. Other tables saw Future War Commander, Warhammer and Very British Civil War swinging pleasantly to the left for once.

Next week we have 20mm modern Iraqistan from Tom, with Tony and room for two more?; Bliztkreig Commander with Bill, Taff, and two others - Andy B, Rob, Robin, slot yourselves in one of those if you're down. Elsewhere Brett, Mike and Trainset will play something colonial and me, Mick, Roddy and Bradley will play.... something else colonial. Or Napoleonic, or Fantasy, depending on how Martian Empires is viewed that night.

Flim last week was Clerks. I thought Mick might be the only one, and the rest of you should be ashamed. Easier one for you -
"There's supposed to be a river here."
"Them ecology boys must've moved it."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Games played so far

Slightly late with the six months list - no great suprises though!

  • Very British Civil War - 11

  • Pathfinder - 7

  • Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 7

  • Fringe - 6

  • FPW - 5

  • LOTR - 4

  • Bliztkrieg commander - 3

  • Epic - 3

  • BFG - 3

  • FUBAR - 3

  • Hordes - 3

  • Fantasy Pirates - 3

  • Other Colonial - 2

  • Warmaster Ancients - 2

  • Wings of War - 2

  • Martian Empires - 2

  • ACW - 1

  • GNW - 1

  • WFB - 1

  • WHQ - 1

  • 7 years war - 1

  • WH 40K - 1

  • Napoleonic - 1

  • Nap Naval - 1

  • Secrets of the Third Reich - 1

  • Future War Commander - 1

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Games for 27/07/11

This week (well, last week now but hey) saw more meso-amercian hordes action as the Aztecs attempted to follow up on last weeks victory and failed. Lord of the Rings seemed to involve a cave troll, and books, this time; Future War Commander took on Cold War Commander - not sure how that works; Vince dealt with Andy's Incursion by the window, and the Devizes VBCW game was thoroughly practiced.

Next week - usual suspects, and Roddy for his sins, return to the desert island in Pathfinder; Vince, Mick and Mike are playing VBCW, again; Taff and Tony are playing Memoir 44, Bradley and Tom will give WFB 8th a shot, and Dave and Bill will do something Rick Preistly ish.

By unpopular request, at least with me, I've been asked to keep the film quote going. Sigh. You get what you deserve. "My friend here's trying to convince me that any independent contractors who were working on the uncompleted Death Star were innocent victims when it was destroyed by the Rebels."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Games for 20/07/2011

This week we had a fairly quiet and civilised game of Hordes of the Things overlooking the sea, while everyone else enjoyed watching a game of pre WW2 Very British Civil War. Roddy's command dice were crap at vital moments, Trainset parked in the graveyard, and the British elite mounted wing fled the scene. Think that covers it.

Next week - another VBCW Devises practice for Mick, Brett, Trainset, Bradley and Gareth; Memoir 44 with Taff (yes Taff) Tony and Bookmark; more pre-Columbus Hordes with me and Roddy and maybe Bill, or possibly Blitzkrieg commander or WFB 8th with Bill and Robin. Everyone else, bring down something to amuse yourselves.

Quote was probably the only line from Dusk till Dawn suitable for the blog. No one got it so I win. The end.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Games for 13/07/11 - Corrected

Right then.... This week saw some games but I was busy baiting Brett in Martian Empires so wasn't paying much attention.

Next week we have the RPFC playing Marlburian Black Powder, Robin and Bill no longer playing WFB 8th, me and Roddy playing HotT, and Brett, Trainset, Bradley and Mick playing pre-WW2 as I now have to call it. But Mick seems to call it VBCW still. Anyone without a game, bring a HotT army in 15mm.

Quote was obviously from Flash Gordon, why don't we play more pulp? This week - "If you try to run, I've got six little friends and they can all run faster than you can."

Friday, July 01, 2011

Games for July 6th

This week saw 3 games and some LOTR figures unpacked and repacked. Very British Civil War had turned into a discussion on period phone boxes when I passed it, and the Napoleonic Naval was just like ships passing in the night. That only leaves me to draw a veil, or possibly a shroud, over the annual Epic game where due to failures in army selection, deployment, tactics, and (mostly) dice rolling, the Dark Angels were wiped out by turn 2. Hey ho. I blame Roddy.

Next week - Brett and Bradley come back to Mars with me; Bill and Rob come not to praise Preistly but to Hail him; Mick and Vince descend to the Underhive, and Knuckles and Trainset are playing LOTR.

Last week's quote was Serenity. This week "Are your men on the right pills?"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Games for 29/06/2011

Last night saw victory, defeat, and weird score draws across 4 tables. In VBCW, Tony imitated Bradley and drove through the churchyard in a tank; on Mars Bradley imitated Dave and hardly moved his army at all; in Blitzkrieg Commander Dave imitated Robin and went for the gold, and in Warhammer Robin imitated, well, Robin, and miscast his first ever spell in 8th edition. As a side note, Roddy needs to be burnt as a witch following dice rolls that saw his Martian cavalry romp through askari, rocket troopers, and finish by charging the rear of the British artillery on his opposite flank. Brett was at one point seen shaking his head and saying "now I know how Trainset feels".

Next weeks delights are a Napoleonic Naval for Rob, Tony, Brett, and Bill; Bovington practice VBCW with Mick, Andy B, Trainset and Gareth; LOTR with Knuckles and Simon; and Epic 40K with Bradley, me, and Roddy - a man who can barely see 6mm figures from his height. Should be fun.

Last week's quote was Dune. This week's quote is Star Wars. There, that saved you some time, go and paint something instead of googling film quotes. No? OK then - "This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then - explode."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Games for 22/06/2011 - plus Ironhaven

Last night saw the club split between 1859, Warhammer Quest, Lord of the Rings and Secrets of the third Reich. All fantasy games again then.

Next week, Brett, Roddy, Bookmark and Bradley return to Mars while I try and keep order. The Rick Priestly Fan Club break away to play Blitzkreig Commander, Robin and Andy will play Warhammer 8th, no really they will, and Mick, Gareth and Trainset play Very British Civil War.

Last weeks film was X2, a modern classic. Well, a bit of a laugh anyway. This week is easier for you - " The slow blade penetrates the shield. " - anyone who doesn't get that, Phil will lend you the Webley.

In other news, there's a new gaming hall on Marsh Barton. Here's their blurb.

Ironhaven Games is a Gaming Hall with an attached store as opposed to the other way around and we work on a membership basis. We offer three 12’x6’ tables plus space for another three 4’x4’ tables, all of which have scatter terrain and are separately themed.

We are open Tues/Wed/Thurs evenings from 5:30pm-10pm and Sat/Sun from 10am-6pm.

Membership costs £15 a month and as well as access every day we are open, it also gives members a 20% discount off RRP on all products and tournament tickets, plus priority for upcoming events such as games designer visits. We are also working on a range of other member benefits such as a book/DVD library and painting demos.
Non-members are charged at £2.50 a session per evening and £3.50 per session at the weekend, non-members also receive a 10% discount off RRP.

We’ve been officially opened since the 4th June and are actively looking to support clubs in the area with events, tournaments etc.

Here’s our (developing) website!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Games for 15/06/11

This week, Trainset had a mouthful at Pathfinder, before a hugely dangerous and enjoyable fight that we threw ourselves into unprepared. Again. Others were playing VBCW, LOTR, and something Rob found in Rick Priestly's bin when he last went though it. Could have been a rules ammendment, could have been a shopping list. Who knows.

Next week, we can offer a Rick Priestly Game (Rob, Dave, Bill?), Secrets of the Third Reich, if the injunction has been lifted (Andy B, Mick, Vince), Lord of the Rings (Knuckles, Simon, and Gareth and Roddy - you were warned), and Warhammer Quest - everyone else.

Film quote was obviously (to some) Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu's finest role. This week - "When will these people learn how to fly?"

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Games for 8th June

This week, Bradley ran an ACW encounter for Brett, Roddy and yours truely - which was truely a first. Normally when the Union army is routing from the field in its entirety, it's heading towards my side of table. With a rebel yell, etc.

The Rick Priestly Fab Club turned to ancient Egypt in their continuing quest to break Hail Caesar, and sounded like they enjoyed it. Everyone else played Strange Grog with Andy's Pirates, and why not.

Next week - the Pathfinder Fan Club will continue to wander around a tropical island in fear and distress - it's a stag weekend gone wrong. The RPFC and Vince will play either Black Powder or Hail Ceasar, and Andy B, Mick, Roddy and Bradley will be playing Very British Civil War.

Last week was obviously Highlander (there should have been only one). This week - "If you're not expected then you're not invited - SO F*** OFF!"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Games for 1st June

This week saw three games; Robin, Bill and Rob played Blitzkreig Commander with the Germans in their away strip of red, Knuckles and Simon (welcome back) played LOTR in a dark corner, and everyone else played a 8 by 6 game of VBCW. The presence of friendly fascists, religious communists, discreet Anglicans and sacrilegious scots clearly marked this as a fantasy game, and that's without mentioning Brett being Buff (it's what I heard) or the Bren carrier. I remember when you were lucky to have a school bus in this game...

Next week sees LOTR with Knuckles and Simon again, Ancients with the Rick Priestly Fan Club (Rob, Vince & Bill); Brett and Bradley playing ACW; and everyone else - Trainset, Bookmark, Mick, Andy G and Robin playing Andy B's pirate game. There will be a long hard talk about the L word at 9.

"I apologize for calling your wife a bloated warthog, and I bid you good day."