Saturday, December 31, 2011

Games review 2011 - Hail Caesar

Rick Priestly fan club reporting here for duty. This game saw a Dacian horde tasked with stealing two Roman Eagles from a couple of Legions and then killing everyone else on the table - simples. It began with a brave show of horde like tendancies aimed at making the Romans quake in their sandals, they responded by simply standing still and ignoring them. In fact the Romans were to do lots of standing still that night, much to the disgust of Rob who couldn't make a command roll to save his Roman Forum Political career.
In the first turn, one of the Dacian Chieftains decided to blunder early on, Dave was using the lucky dice from the club cupboard - cheers for that fellas. Rob laughed at the sight of two warband sixes on display, but not for long because the result of the blunder was an uncontrolled charge up hill against the Romans, which saw an improbable Dacian victory - strike one Eagle.
Next, and finally with Rob only being able to move due to initiative (he was still failing miserably with his command rolls) the Dacians were charged by a Roman Legion which then
got surrounded and beaten up by a bunch of ragged warbands - Strike two Eagles.
Rob hurrumphed off the to the bar saying something like "rules wrong, dice unlucky". Dave assumed a smug smile and with his horde marching off with some new shiney Roman toys.

Games review 2011 - China vs NATO

Some images from a Cold War Commander Game between Dave and Rob late in 2011. A Chinese horde confidently attacked NATO in hidden positions circa 1980. First we see the hidden NATO positions ... well actually we can't see them because they are hidden - duh!
Following this the Chinese attacked the centre across a ford they found very early on - something to do with their webbed feet:
But they got stuck, mainly because of the NATO hidden troops opening up with LAW, MILAN and Medium MGs.
The Chinese did manage to kill the MILAN team and it's supporting infantry on the NATO right flank, which was a very high priced piece of kit to be lost to the Chinese.
But then the NATO armour counter attacked and stalled the entire Chinese assault. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and the rest of the Yellow Peril horde that didn't make it onto the table - we shall see in 2012 if they can turn Europe into a Eutopian Communist state with little Red books everywhere.

Friday, December 30, 2011

First Session of a new year

And it might be a busy one. Vince and Andy don horned helmets & zimmers for Saga; Rob, Dave and Bill attempt something little and WW2 ish; Robin, Mick, Brett and Bookmark show how different they are to the RPFC and play something little and WW2 ish; Bradley and Kris play WW2 the only sane way with Memoir 44; and me and Trainset are taking Tom up the Khyber. Stop sniggering at the back.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Games for 28-12-11

Usual secertary off with plague (or as some suspect, to busy playing with his baby sons new toys for xmas...)

Last night saw a mini (and noisey) dungeon delve, a try out of Mantics 'Kings of War' which seemed to go down well and a Wild West shoot out in a mexican village where the Mexican bandito's saw off the US posse and kept hold of Santa with his pinyata bag...

Next week we have:

Smugglers Shiv with the usual suspects

Kings of War with Bill and Rob

Incursion with Andy B, Vince and Tom (please don't break him...)

Zombies with Kris, Bradley, Connor and Mick

Seasonal quote (sort of...):

'Get out! Your all drunk!'

Til the plague hits again (or theres new toys...)


EXETER LEGIONARY MMXII Saturday 5th May 2012
Games, traders, competitions and a HUGE bring and buy!
Every year we get BIGGER and better...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last club night before the hostilities

Sorry, festivities. 21/12/11 the club is ON - and we have The Rules With No Name with Mick, Vince, Andy B and Tom; Aztecs (etc) with me, Brett, Roddy, Rob H and Taff. I seem to have no note of other games/players, ie Bradley/Bookmark, what are you up to lads?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Games for 14th December

Last week much food was eaten. Mostly helpless, confused dumb animals - eating other ones. >canned laughter<

On this week coming we have the RPFC playing the ECW (as couple of them can remember it); Memoir 44/Last Night on Earth with KRIS, Bradley, Vince, Andy G, James and Roddy. Knuckles is bring LOTR if anyone fancies that.

Week after I think is Wild West and Aztecs -hopefully on different tables. Pathfinder on the 28th.

Film quote was the awful but memorable Lair of the White Worm.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Games for 7th and 14th December

Right then - Just a quick note to say NO GAMES NEXT WEEK - we're downstairs eating and drinking. Please confirm if you're coming so Mick can adjust table size if required.

Week after - there has been talk of Hail Cromwell (the insurgent rather than the tank I think); and Knuckles has said he'll bring a game down. I'll run something (as yet undecided) for 3 or 4 people. Discuss on the yahoogroup because I'm not stopping half way through my nut loaf for this at nine next week.

Film quote is "I change my cars as regularly as a snake sheds its skin." from a terrible film but no doubt it will be on TV again soon enough.