Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Games For 2-1-13

This week saw a few of us die hards trying to Frag each other...

Next week we have:

Muskets and Tomahawks with Brett and Trainset

VBCW with Mick, Bradley and Rob

If anyone else wants to put something on please announce it on the yahoo site.

Last weeks seasonal quote was from 'The Great Escape'.

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Games For 26-12-12

This week saw a one all draw between the Rebels and Empire in X-Wing, people realising that Saga is not a historical simulation game (the clues in the name...) and two new victims sacrificed to Magic the Disheartening...

Next week will be an open game of FRAG! for anyone who wants to turn up (unless the Mayans were right, in which case there may not be a meeting).

Seasons greetings to everyone and I hope the big fella brings you the toys you asked for :o)

To finish a seasonal quote for wargamers:

'Good luck!'
'Thank y...'

Until next time,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

SAGA Louts - Saxons

Some might call these the good guys, depends on which SAGA Battleboard you prefer. However, its pretty damn sure that their leader will burn the cakes:
Hours of endless fun await the Saxons and Vikings as they do battle over the dung heaps, donkeys and sheep of Exmouth.

SAGA Louts - Vikings

15mm Saga ... blame Rob, he made me do it! First we have a Viking faction, really simple and one of the quickest armies I've ever done. Slightly over 24 hours from purchase in a shady pub deal to completion:

Games for 19/12/12

Last night at the club saw the consumption of several large piles of meat, chips and enough ice cream and chocolate to put a diabetic in a coma.  And that was just Roddy.  Afterwards we marked Christmas in the traditional fashion with Santa beating up Judge Anderson and several games of Magic: The Querying.

Next week is open to some debate as we were too busy enjoying this week.  I'm bringing down my Aztecs vs all their neighbours game; everyone else sort it out on the yahoogroup.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Games for 05/12/12

Another winters night at the club – only three gaming nights until Christmas!  Under the light of a nearly full moon, the intrepid Pathfinders tracked and cured the werewolf; Roddy showed Bradley the dark side of his M:tG decks and Bill showed he was able to sit at the grown ups table by throwing thousands of tiny dice over it. 
Next week we have more mini-SAGA with Dave and Rob, Memoir 44 Air action with Taff and Bradley; Mick & Bayonet with Mick, Steve and Roddy; and JDE and Bookmark playing something as yet undecided.  Plenty of room for others to join in where they can.
Christmas meal is 12/12/12; arrive for drinks 19:30; food from the normal bar menu at 20:00; vegetarian mocking at 20:01; upstairs for beer and pretzel games after that - ie the annual outing of the Santa HotT army.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Games for 28-11-12

This week saw the Germans hunting down a British sniper and taking him out, Bradley finally finding someone else who enjoys playing Epic and a new GM running Pathfinder...

Next week we have:

Pathfinder part 2 with Brett, James, Robin, Bookmark, Trainset, Steve and Dooma

Saga with Rob, Dave and Taff

Rifle and Bayonet with Mick, Roddy and Bradley (open game)

I'd like to give a welcome to Paul our new member who wasn't scared off after meeting everyone...

Here's another bit of film worth watching with the volume on full...

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Games For 21-11-12

Apologies for the lateness of this posting, I've included a bit of film to make up for it...

Last week saw the British being seen off by the Martians in one game and seen off by the Germans in another. Not a good week for them...

This week we have:

'Pathfinder' with Brett, James, Bookmarc, Trainset, Robin, Dooma and Steve.

'With Rifle & Bayonet' WWII with Mick, Rob and Roddy.

'Epic' with Bradley and Taff

If anyone else is down I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere...

Until the next time,


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Games 14-11-12

This week saw a blast from the past with strange flying ships over Mars, dinky lickle ships from Japanand Russia and Luke Skywalker being shot down in episode II of X-Wing...

I also brought in the ultimate in WWII tank gaming (you should have been there...).

Next week we have:

Skyships- James, Tony, Steve and Trainset

Simple Skirmish playtest- Mick and Rob (room for Vince and Bookmark if they're down)

Memoir '44- Bradley and Roddy

Anyone else planning on coming down there should be room somewhere...

This weeks movie poser:

Which film is this...?

Girl goes to a new land, kills and robs an old woman then teams up with three others to go and murder again...

Until next time,


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Games for 07/11

So the other side of Guy Fawkes night we have Mick, Taff and Roddy with Disney Wing; The RPFC with Nappy Naval; and JDE, Bradley and Trainset with something Martian.  Likely to be Aerial.

Taff has tickets for the "Drive a Tiger" raffle at Bovington, see him for details.

For the Roleplayers, Miniature Heroes has a 15% off Reaper sale at the moment.  Enjoy.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Games for Halloween

This week's eclectic offerings saw Robin voodoo his dice in WW2, Tom Mk III teach James Mk 2 that actually Space Marines know quite a lot of fear when fighting Necrons, and Bradley and I reach the end of turn 3 in Epic and agree a gentlemanly draw.

Next week is All Hallows Eve.  In the spirit of this; the Roleplayers will be sorting out characters for Glencon; Mick will bring something spooky; Taff will bring something spookily like Memoir 44; and the Rick Priestly Fan Club will play Flames of War (for shame!)

Answer for last weeks question was Batman.  Although if we include animated films then it's somewhat more.  This week for lack of anything more original  - 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Your target is Bela Lugosi.  Go.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Games For 24-10-12

Last week saw the Necrons deciding that messing with the Imperials is a bad idea, Luke Skywalker changing his name to Fluke Skyrunner and a nice little WWII skirmish...

Next week we have:

X-Wing with Bookmark, Vince and Mick

Epic with Bradley, James and Tom mk III

WWII with Robin, Brett, Rob, Dave and Taff

For a change this week we have a film question...

Which famous film character was played by five people? Bonus points if you can name the actors...

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Caption Competition


Answers on a postcard please addressed to "The Beach, Exmouth, Near the Water"
"When I say it's the nine o'clock meeting, I mean it, now turn around and pay your £1 subs."
"But Sarge I'm a conscript and those be German regulars behind the hedge."
"I didn't realise re-enacting would mean being stuck to this large dustbin lid!"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Games For 17-10-12

Last week saw 10mm WWII, 28mm HotT and 28mm VBCW. Next week we have:

WWII with Brett, Rob, Steve, Robin and Dave

BFG with James and Trainset

X-Wing with Mick, Bradley, Bookmark and Vince if he's down.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Games for 10/10

This week saw a return to the depths in Warhammer Quest with six players pretending to cooperate against the dark elves, and the historical side of the club having another go at Drums and Shakos. Next week we have a mighty 3 games as Mick and Vince try Bolt Action; James and Trainset try BFG; and Brett, Bradley, Robin and Rob try Blitzkrieg Commander.  Anyone else welcome but bring something to play...
Quote was obviously from LXG. This week you can have a stab at "Congratulations. If I had both my hands, I would applaud you."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Games for 03/10/12

Another typical week at the club - the usual historical players like Bradley and Roddy played Song of Drums and Shakos, and the usual fantasy players like Brett played Pathfinder.  A good time was had by all, and as the historical players will tell you, what's 5cm between friends?

Next week we have Wings of War with Vince and Taff (apparently); Horse and Musket with Rob, Dave, Bill, Steve, Brett and Roddy; and WHQ with JDE, Trainset, Bradley, Bookmark, Robin and Andy G - all subject to availability, terms and conditions apply, and the value of your 30 sp can go up as well as down. Your pride may be at risk if you fail to make dice rolls associated with it.

Last weeks quote was either misquoted from the Avengers, or something else I didn't guess.  This week you can have

"Automatic rifles. Who in God's name has automatic rifles?"
"Dashed unsporting. Probably Belgian."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

10mm AWI ... Brett Stylee

"Right listen in. You and you Americans. You and you British. Sit over there, pick up the dice, shut up, roll and play. Any questions? NO? Good" ... and that's how you play a real wargame.

Pictures below. Brett's very nice 10mm AWI set up - Loyal Royal British troops, Hessian Allies and some very smelly and rebellious Colonials. I can still smell them now! Soap dodgers the lot of them.

Below we can see the Loyalist position, firmly anchored with the Hessians reverse sloped and the British in the picket line and using the trees for cover. Soap dodgers seen trying to cross the river but ....

... with the help of General Bill's command dice they refuse to get wet and spent nearly four turns staying nice and dry. Brett looks on in dismay as Bill tries again to throw a decent command roll. You wouldn't think he'd received the finest military command training on offer in the Western World based on this evidence! Maybe it's that pint of 'Bogrotter Finest' in front of him?

Hessians sit on the hill and laugh in a loud and annoying Germanic manner. "Vat is dis man trying to do? Har Har Har"

The so called Patriots finally cross the river, but all too late and to no real avail. The courage and tenacity of the British combined with excellent fire power and discipline meant they couldn't be broken in time to force the point.
So at 10pm we packed up having thrown well directed diatribe at each other and arranged to do it all again next week. Ta ta.

Games for 26-9-12

This week saw our annual 'International Speak Like A Pirate Day' fleet game which ended up a complete loss for the pirates thanks to a) Robin not fully explaining the pirates plan to James the other pirate captain b) Robin following the not fully explained pirate plan and c) the 'East India Trading Company' taking full advantage of a) & b)...

In the other game Dave tried to get his honour back in another AWI game after losing the grenadiers to militia last week.

Next week we have:

Smugglers Shiv with the usual crew.

Horse & Musket with Rob, Dave, Steve and Bill.

Bradley has threatned to bring something down in case people who haven't got a game turn up, if no one else does turn up he'll be playing horse & musket.

Last weeks quote was from Apocalypse Now.

This weeks quote:

'You cannot hurt me, I am a god!'

I'm away next week so no doubt James will be doing his usual in depth reports... :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"We talked like pirates"

Aharrrr - avast - shiver me timbers - I be talking likes a pirate!
So out came the toy ships, silly hats and other things that we do on the annual "International talk like a pirate day". Well at least Mick dressed up or did he? Perhaps this was just what he happened to be wearing today ... what do you think James?

There was mutiny, treachery, skuldugerry ... then we had a word with the pub landlord and he stopped doing that as it was spoiling our nice little game. Ships, dice, cotton wool and stuff ensued amongst the mayhem.

See you next year when we do it all again.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Games for 19-9-12

This week saw the Tau win against the Imperium, the British disgraced in the AWI [Editor: we forgot to apply the "British can't die" rule OK! Otherwise it would have been just fine and dandy] and the players forget important rules in Blitzkrieg Commander...

Next week we have:

AWI with Brett, Rob, Dave, Trainset and Bill.

The annual 'International Talk Like A Pirate' ship game with Mick, James, Robin, Roddy, Bradley and Vince.

Anyone else not listed who is planning on coming down post what your bringing to see if any others want to join in.

The quote from two weeks ago was from Judge Dredd.

This weeks quote...

'What do you call it when the assasins accuse the assasin?'

Until next time,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One week ago on 5 Sept 12 we were happily playing our games approaching that 10 O'clock moment when every decides "last move - let's charge" when some young male drive on the beech from decided to blunder and drive at 80 mph into the main wall of the pub - that got our attention! Here is the impacted night time image taken a short while after human derbis removed:

Here is the day after image from the club room looking down at the result of the wall destruction - quite a hangover:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Games For 5-9-12

This week saw a micro WWII desert game and a larger than expected game of Frag...

We also gained a new member Tom (mkIII) who will be down with a mate next week.

Next week we have-

Napoleonics using Black Powder with Dave, Rob, Steve, Brett and Tony.

Legends of the Old West with Vince, Bookmark, Taff and Trainset.

VBCW with Mick, Bradley and Robin.

40k with Tom and Issac

James, Bill, Roddy and anyone else who may be down has a choice of VBCW or Legends of the Old West...

Last weeks quote was from Gangs of New York.

This weeks quote:

'They're firing 20mm casless fletcher rounds at 300m. The effective lethal range is 200m. You're safe...'

Until next time,


Games, traders, competitions and a HUGE bring and buy!
Every year we get BIGGER and better...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Games for 29-8-12

Last week we had another large game of VBCW (note to self, keep Rob away from planes on stands...) and an early war game of Flames of War.

Next week we have-

Black Powder AWI with Brett, Trainset, Dave and Rob.

Legends of the Old West with Vince, Taff, Bookmark and Tony.

Frag with Mick, Bradley and Robin.

Last weeks quote was from Batman Begins.

This weeks quote-

'If you get us all together we ain't got a gang, we've got an army...'

Until next time,


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Games for 22-8-12

This week saw a visit from Ian Wood to show us how to play Infinity on his great layout. It seemed to go down very well and I really enjoyed the game I played even though I lost all my unit almost straight away...

For those who 'want to know more' heres a link to his website...

The other game that went on was the monthly bash at Pathfinder, apologies to Andy who was running it as some of his players kept wandering over to look at the Infinity game...

We also had a possible new member turn up so I would like to say a big welcome to Steve :)

Next week we have-

VBCW- Mick, Steve, Brett, Trainset, Rob and Taff

Flames of War- Vince and Bradley

Bookmark, Dave and James you are welcome to join either game if your down.

Last weeks quote was from 'Dances With Smurfs', sorry, 'Avatar'.

This weeks quote-

'You are in hell little man. And I am the devil!'
'Your not the devil. You're practise...'

Until next time,

Games, traders, competitions and a HUGE bring and buy!
Every year we get BIGGER and better...

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Games for 15-8-12

This week saw a big game of VBCW using my quick play rules (they seemed to work as it handled eight players quite well...) and a few games of HoTT (soon to be known as Bradleys Bane).

Next week Ian Wood is paying the club a visit with his Infinity Roadshow...

He'll be doing participation games and bringing his Infinity stock with him. So far we have Mick, Vince, Rob, Bradley, Tom and Bill down for it.

We also have Pathfinders Smugglers Shiv with the usual crew...

Last weeks quote was from Dancing With Wolves. This weeks quote:

'I'd say diplomacy has failed...'

Until next week,


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Games for 08/08/12

As we were slightly thin on the ground - in the same way as I'm thin on the top - no nine o'clock argument took place.  This week, the British learnt their anti alien lessons and went on a bug hunt, and Vince took a malfunctioning bi(polar)plane to the skies against Bookmark.

Next week, I'm bring HotT, Mick is bringing VBCW with new show friendly (ie very very simple) rules.  And some crayons.  Sort everything else out amongst yourselves.

The apparently popular quote is "Sir knight? I've just pissed in my pants... and nobody can do anything about it."

Monday, July 30, 2012

Games for 1-8-12

First of all apologies for the lateness of this weeks update, I've been up in the midlands for a long weekend...

Last week the club showed how noisy roleplayers really are, what happened when people during the days of Napoleon visited the beach (basically tried to kill each other) and what Come Dancing would look like in space with fighters...

Next time we have:

FIW (Muskets & Tomahawks) with Brett, Mike, Robin, Trainset and Mick

WWI Ariel (Wings of War) with Vince and Bookmark

Modern with a twist (Toms home grown rules) with Tom, Tony, Bradley, Rob and possibly James

Last weeks quote was from the well known war film Iron Man.

This weeks quote-

'You... What do you do?'

Until next time,


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Games for 25-7-12

This week saw another round of Crossfire across three tabkes, another Blirzkrieg Commander with the Germans getting a narrow victory and a playtest of a modern combat set of rules written by the clubs youngest member.

Next week we have:

Smugglers Shiv (Pathfinder rpg) with the usual mottley crew

Napoleonics (Lasalle) with Rob, Dave, Bookmark and Vince

Space Dogfighting (Starhound) with Mick, Bradley and Tony

Last weeks quote was from 'The Princess Bride'.

This weeks quote...

'I'm sorry. This is the fun-vee. The Hum-drum-vee is back there...'

Until next week,


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Games for 18-7-12

This week saw three linked WWII Crossfire games played on three tables, a delve into the mines of Moira and the British narrowly beating the Germans in Blitzkrieg Commander (Warhammer Quest was cancelled due to permission not given and illness...).

Next week we have:

Crossfire II (The Revenge)- Bill, Dave, Rob, Vince, Bookmark and Taff

Modern- Tom and Bradley (teach you to be ill!)

40k (or possibly BK)- Robin, Mick and Brett

Last weeks quote was from Terminator 3.

This weeks quote:

'I may kill you in the morning...'

Until next week,


Friday, July 06, 2012

Games for 11-7-12

This week saw Gloriantha armies triumph against allcomers in Hott, a Napoleonic clash between British and French which ended up being a French victory as apparently there wasn't 'enough redcoats or time...' and lastly a clash in Canada during the French Indian war where it could of gone either way but time was against us...

Next week we have:

Crossfire- Bill, Brett, Bookmark, Vince, Rob, Dave and Taff?

Warhammer Quest- James, Bradley, Tom and possibly Andy G (boss permitting...)

Blitzkrieg Commander- Robin and Mick

Last weeks quote was from 'Solomon Kane', this weeks quote:

'She'll be back'

Til next week,


Friday, June 29, 2012

Additional to Last Post...

Bill will be running a night of Crossfire on 11-7-12 and is looking for volunteers to join in.


Games, traders, competitions and a HUGE bring and buy!
Every year we get BIGGER and better...

Games for 4-7-12

This week saw a very nice looking Mordheim game with lots of great ruins both card and resin, some Maurice dancing and a Blitzkrieg Commander game that saw how much Robin must of upset the dice gods...

Next week we have:

Black Powder the return with Rob and Dave.

Muskets and Tomahawks with Brett, Trainset, Andy G, Bill and Mick.

Hordes with James and Bradley.

Last weeks quote was from Cross of Iron. Brett, take a single bullet and a hammer into the back room (it was so bad you never got it that you don't get to use the service revolver!).

This weeks quote:

'If I kill you I am bound for hell. It is a price I will gladly pay.'

Until next week,


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Games played first six months 2012

Further evidence that we're a fantasy club that historical players don't like, and a historical club that fantasy players don't like.

Fringe - 11

Pathfinder - 6

Bliztkrieg commander - 5

Battlefleet Gothic - 5

Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 4

Saga - 4

Coaling Stations - 3

Brigade Ops - 3

Maurice - 3

Normandy Firefight - 2

Smokeless Powder - 2

Traveller - 2

Hordes of the Things - 2

Pike and Shotte - 2

Martian Empires - 2

Kings of War - 2

Mordheim - 1

Epic - 1

LOTR - 1

Ottoman Empire - 1

10mm Dungeon Delve - 1

V&B - 1

Incursion - 1

FIW - 1


Necromunda - 1

Warmaster Fantasy - 1

Modern - 1

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Games for 27/06

As the blog won't let Mick "I don't need a proper computer" Allen access it this week I'll just post here...

Next week we have:

Mordheim- James, Brett, Bookmark, Trainset and Andy G
Blitzkrieg Commander- Robin and Mick
Maurice (the return of the bells)- Dave, Rob, Bradley and Vince?
Barborossa- Taff and Bill

Last weeks quote was from Battle of Britain. This weeks quote: 'What will we do when we lose the war?'
'Prepare for the next one.'

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Games for 20-6-12

This week saw the assault on Pegasus bridge (lucky they weren't a week late back in '44!), Chaos taking on the Imperial navy in BFG and the Russians and Germans clashing in WWII Russia. Quick comment of the week goes to James... Next week we have: Smugglers Shiv- The usual 'crew' Maurice (dancing)- Rob, Dave and Taff Conflict of Heroes- Bradley and Mick If anyone else is coming down it might be an idea to bring something... Last weeks quote was from 'The Longest Day' This weeks quote: 'Dakka dakka dakka' Until next week, Mick

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Games for 13-6-12

Last night we had a couple of WWII D-Day tribute games (one of which seemed as confusing as D-Day must of been...) and a unique game of Aeroneff where nobody actually lost a ship! Next week we have: BFG- James, Robim, Brett and Trainset WWII (Pegasus Bridge)- Rob, Taff, Vince and Dave Conflict of Heroes WWII- Bradley and Mick Last weeks quote was from Henry V This weeks quote: 'Wounds my heart with a monotonous langour.' Until next week, Mick

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Games for Wednesday 6th June

I'm baaack! I was voted in as club secretary again so I'm afraid you'll have to put up with me for another year! But it does mean the return of the film quotes... Games for Wednesday 6th June are: Blitzkrieg Commander- Robin, Mick,Bookmark and Bill. Machinegun & Bayonet (Division Ops)- Rob, Dave, Tony and Bradley. Memoir '44- (if needed) Vince and anyone else not in a game. Fringe gamers: Aeroneff- Brett (hang your head in shame), James and Trainset. This weeks quote: 'We few, we happy few. We band of brothers...' Remember to answer the quote with another quote from the same film :o) Until next week, Mick

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Try to contain your excitement, next week is the AGM - always a record high for attendance - and the week after is Aeronef and WW2 (being June 6th and all.  Last call for AGM agenda items today please.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Games next week

According to my new labor saving device - one year too late- next week we have Pathfinder RPG: Andy, Brett, Bookmark, James [nope], Robin and Dooma,  maybe Trainset as well?  Marlburian or SYW using the new Maurice rules: Dave, Rob and Tony, and  Normandy Firefight: Mick, Bill and Bradley.  Enjoy this week boys because it's AGM time the week after.  Nominations and agenda items to me.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Games for 16/05

This week saw games of Pike and Shot, WW2 and a semi-historical Victorian skirmish (the Victorians were historical, the Martians weren't). Next week sees French Indian War with Musket and Tomahawk for Brett, Trainset, Rob, Bill and Tony; Wings of War with Bookmark, Vince and Taff; and Gears of War with Mick, Bradley, Andy and JDE - always proud to let the side down.
As it came up on Wednesday, here's the games we've played so far this year. Odd one off games at the top, followed by historical, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, historical, historical, historical, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. Not to belabour the point.
Fringe - 6

Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 4

Saga - 4

Battlefleet Gothic - 4

Pathfinder - 4

Bliztkrieg commander - 3

Coaling Stations - 3

Brigade Ops - 3

Normandy Firefight - 2

Smokeless Powder - 2

Traveller - 2

Hordes - 2

Pike and Shotte - 2

Martian Empires - 2

Kings of War - 2

Epic - 1

LOTR - 1

Ottoman Empire - 1

10mm Dungeon Delve - 1

V&B - 1

Incursion - 1


Necromunda - 1

Warmaster Fantasy - 1

Modern - 1

Friday, May 04, 2012

Games for May 9th

Assuming we all survive Saturday, next Wednesday holds 4 games for us - VBCW with Mick, Brett, and Robin?; GASLIGHT (really, this time) with JDE, Tony, and Bookmark?; Poke and sh-, oops, Pike and Shotte with Rob, Dave and Taff; and the ever reliable Memoir 44 with Bradley and Vince.

Obviously Legionary is this Saturday - full turn out at the crack of dawn in club T shirts please.  Please mail the list with who you think you're getting a lift with.... just in case!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Games for May

The last club night before Legionary.  Those not raiding Rygas for scenery will be playing either Pike and Shot (ye olde Shotte?) or GASLIGHT.  However as GASLIGHT depends on me finding my rulebook, it might be something else.  Hey ho.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dave’s 1859-1871 Black Powder Specific Rules
Currently on trial at the club and may receive some adjustments

BP Range
Smoothbore Musket (SML)
More effective than its flintlock predecessor.
Rifled Musket (RML)
Covers the majority of all RMLs in the period.
Lorenz RML
The Austrian weapon of the period, perhaps one of the best RMLs ever.
Dreyse (RBLD)
The Prussian weapon for the period.
Chassepot (RBLC)
The devastating FPW weapon.
Smoothbore Medium Arty
Smoothbore Heavy Arty
RML Arty
Krupp Arty
The German breech loading artillery.
French FPW secret weapon m/c gun.
1.                   Numbers in [square] brackets indicate battalions of infantry, regiments of cavalry or batteries of artillery; one stand each on the table top. Units will fight either as separate stands in the case of light infantry, cavalry regiments or batteries; or will fight in formations of three stands representing a regiment or brigade – this is the standard default for the majority of line infantry.

2.                   Single cavalry units were vulnerable to modern firepower but potentially useful if they were able to catch infantry and arty in the flanks, thus they are given marauder status to allow this. When cavalry units are combined into “brigades” of three units they will no longer be classed as marauders (they will need good leadership to keep them under control and hence can no longer roam around the battlefield). H-to-H and Stamina adjusted as per ORBATS.

3.                   Cavalry were not expected to frontally charge breach loading infantry (Dreyse or Chassepot). If they did they usually got slaughtered. However, on a few occasions the shear surprise was worth a last ditch effort. Roll a d6, if 6 then charge can be declared and conditions are good (order still needs to be given by the commander, so it may not go ahead) – infantry are caught “surprised” and cannot issued closing fire.

4.                   All Dreyse and Chassepot troops are consider Sharpshooters allowing them to roll one missed shot. This represents high fire rate of the breach loading weapons.

5.                   All Dreyse and Chassepot troops can go prone. They need an order to change formation to/from prone.
a.        -1 to save from shooting
b.       If charged frontally then can attempt to stand, needs successful command roll
c.        If charged & contacted when prone then no closing fire
d.       If charged & contacted when prone then -1 to hit enemy troops in H-to-H

6.                   1859 French (Elan) and 1866 Austrians (Stosstaktik) Infantry tactics meant that they favoured the bayonet over firepower. Thus for line troops, if they are in attack column in each of their respective periods they have +1 command and +2 when charging (as opposed to the usual +1).

7.                   1870/1 Mitrailleuse must deploy next to artillery and cannot be attached directly to infantry formations. Although best used as an infantry support weapon the French did not fully understand its capability and because it looked like and arty piece it was given to the gunners – duh!
15mm 1866 Federal (VII) Corps
Well one division of them with three inf bdes and one cav bde, including some Hanoverian supports. These are fresh off the painting block and will appear at the club on 25th April. Trying out some Black Powder modifications for this period prior to the Legionary Show on 5th May. Also soon to appear will be the Bavarians and Prussians and some of their friends.

Federal VII Corps 1866

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Games for 25/04

Games for next week are Pathfinder for half the club and Black Powder for the other half. Others without games make your own arrangements.

Legionary ticket sales going well with WFB nearly sold out. Only 2 weeks to go!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Games for next week

Games for 18/04 are "something pretty" (Marlburian?) with Black Powder with Rob, Brett, Trainset, Dave, Taff and Vince; and HotT with JDE, Bradley and Bookmark.

Legionary is going well - 20 traders, 12 games, and tournament tickets selling steadily. Less than a month now.

See you next Wednesday!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Games for 11/04

Games for next week are more BFG with James and Bradley; possibly with Mick watching; Flames of War 3rd ed with Vince and Andy B; WW1 Naval (Navel?) with Rob, Brett, Taff, Bookmark, and Tom if no one wants to play his Modern skirmish.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Games for 04/04

Next week's hopefully better attended club will be playing Battlefleet Gothic (Mick and JDE); Saga (Vince and Andy B); and 1866 Black Powder (erm, everyone else?).

Games played first qtr 2012

Fringe - 6
Bliztkrieg commander - 3
Brigade Ops - 3
Pathfinder - 3
Saga - 3
Smokeless Powder - 2
Battlefleet Gothic - 2
Coaling Stations - 2
Traveller - 2
Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 2
Kings of War - 2
Epic - 1
Lord of the Rings - 1
Ottoman Empire - 1
10mm Dungeon Delve - 1
V&B - 1
Hordes - 1
Incursion - 1
Martian Empires - 1
Necromunda - 1
Warmaster Fantasy - 1
Modern - 1

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Game for 28/03

Apologies for late post, been away and ill. Tomorrow at the club we have Shiv with the usual suspects, and Bradley looking for a game. All others away with better offers....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Games for 21/03

Next week's games are Hordes of the Things with Roddy, James, Bradley and Bookmark; something damp with the RPFC; BFG with Mick and Andy Glenn; and Andy B and Vince playing Fog of War with Tom.

In an enjoyable game of LOTR, Minas Tirith overtook Harad on victory points 25-22 on the second to last turn having lagged behind all game. The Haradrim players promtly complained it wasn't balanced. How much balance do you want?

Friday, March 09, 2012

Games for 14/3

Next weeks delights are LOTR with JDE, Bradley and Roddy, and maybe Andy G and Knuckles; AWI Black Powder with Brett, Dave, Beef, Bookmark, and Rob H; and back to the 80s with Mick, and Robin playing BattleTech - whilst listening to a Flock of Seagulls.

Quote of the Week comes from Tom this evening - but not something I can put on here. Mick might want to slap him again.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Games for 07/03/2012

Games for next week - BFG with Mick, James, Trainset & Roddy; PreDreadnaught Commander, or Predred ops, or something, with Rob, Dave, Taff and Bookmark; and Andy B, Vince and Bradley doing something else.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

1870 Volley and Bayonet ... with a twist ...

"Zulus Sir, thousands of them" ... "Pardon me Sgt?" ..."er sorry Sir, I meant Jerrys Sir, thousands of them" ... "Well Sgt lucky we got the Martini-Henry Rifle eh what!" ... "Jeez Sir, they've got Krupps"

SITUATION: War! Well it is Wednesday night. The Germans invaded first, but only because the French weren’t ready. The German army has been all conquering and so far they have won every fight the French are quite pants really. Now it is the turn of the BEF to turn the tables and stop the advance before a counter attack can be prepared.

MISSION: BEF is deployed in prepared position ready to repel the Germans, who are expected to attack in force. Your mission is to stop the Germans in their tracks, hold them, repel them, cause a bloody nose in order to gain time to generate a brilliant counter attack (on another day).

EXECUTION: 1st Corps (less 4th Div in Reserve) deployed into positions along a ridge line as indicated on the map … or more likely as the umpire will point to on the night. All troops can be stationary if so desired. A skirmish screen (up to 4 points of skirmishers) can be forward deployed to either act as a forlorn hope or delaying screen. They can retire if desired in front of enemy advance.

... bring it on Jerry, we got guns and Marines ... that's them in the distance, trying to bully a single dismounted battalion of Canadian dragoons holed up in a town.
So they tried to go left flanking and got all messed up, "that's a lot of disordered troops Mr Jerry". :
So Jerry then cheated and opened fire, charged with his cavalry and ... lost all of his cavalry but routed the RMLI who ran straight past the Guards Bde. The shame of it.
Here you can clearly see the gap left by two brigades of German cavalry who bravely acted as targets for the British volley fire, one remaining brigade is permanently disordered which means they can't charge into contact ... duh!
Overall an honourable draw, but the threat of the German Guard Corps looming off table in reserve meant the BEF had to pull back to another ridgeline for tea and tiffin.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Games for 29/02

Space is a little less green today.

Games for 29/02 are Smugglers Shiv with Brett, Robin, Bookmark, Trainset, Roddy, Andy and James; Volley and Bayonet 1870 with Dave, Bradley and Rob; and Mick and Vince playing Necromunda 2nd ed in the absence of the rest of Team Saga.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

15mm Royal Marines

OK so a Royal Marine has been given access to this blog, so don't be suprised when he puts pictures of Royal Marines onto the blog. These are Peter Pig conversions and organised into a WW2 Rapid Fire Commando Unit, equivalent to a battalion:
Next comes the Royal Marines Armoured Support in the guise of 95mm armed Centaurs. Used in Normandy, there is still one at Pegasus Bridge. Very useful in a close encounter.

Games for 23/02

Next weeks games are, in chronological order, Saga (we assume) with Andy, Vince and Mick; the RPFC playing something modern, Bradley and Roddy playng Epic, and Brett, JDE, Robin and Bookmark playing BFG, in which the Ork ships will advance unsupported up the middle of the table and be taken out by Imperial Panzerfaust class ships.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

PAW Pictures

The link below takes you to a set of some rather nice pictures taken by a young guy who, I think, has a big future in photography...
Che Edward Smith Photography - Wargames


EXETER LEGIONARY MMXII Saturday 5th May 2012
Games, traders, competitions and a HUGE bring and buy!
Every year we get BIGGER and better...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Games for 15/02

Congratulations to Roddy for only getting half the newly painted Hexosaur artillery killed this week... sigh.

Next week, WW2 with Robin, Dave and Brett - or so Dave says, anyway; Dungeon Delving with Rob, Bookmark, Roddy, James and Vince; and Something Else with other people.

Congratulations to Mick for winning best game at Plymouth with his VBCW game. Seems a bit full circle as I'm sure wwe won best Plymouth once before - Gladiators maybe?

Russian BIG Armour

I like this picture so I thought I'd share it. Who wouldn't want to have one of these in front whilst attacking the hapless Germans? Just don't forget you ear protection .... BOOM!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Games for 08/02

Especially early this week so Robin can plan his week....

A shocking state of affairs for a wargames club when there's more roleplaying than wargaming going on. At least the GMs were enjoying themselves though. Next week we have Martian Empires with JDE, Kris, Roddy and Bradley; Saga with Andy, Vince, and Bookmark; Brigade Ops with Dave and Rob; and no doubt a dodgy board game in the corner.

Serveral of the club are making trips to the Plymouth Show - - to run a VBCW game and raid the bring and buy. Have fun.

Legionary now has almost all the trader space booked, although probably room for a couple more, and it's looking good. Tournament packs for WFB and 40K are also now available from the site.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Some 15mm 1859-1871 images ...

Dave says "Time to take over the blog again and post a few images of my 15mm goodness". First let's look at the Brunswick troops from 1866 who fought for Prussia, these are conversions from the Lancashire Nassau range, easy to paint and easy to command (unless you are using James's dice).
Next come a few 1866 Hanoverians who opposed the Prussians at Langensalza, Lancashire figures again:
This is my French force that can be used from 1859 through to 1871 on a beautiful carpet backdrop. It is a mixture of Minifigs and Irregular 15mm figures:
Everyone needs a few Old Guardsmen with large bearskins:
Austrians ... 1859 and 1866 periods covered here with Ian Kay's Irregular Miniatures. These fought Prussians, Italians and French so are a pretty flexible Army if you ever wanted to invest in one, just like their Napoleonic ancestors.
The Italians come from Minifig French converted with a pot of paint and some QRF ACW who closely resembled the Grenadiers of the 1859 and 1866 period. They look nice, but their commanders were particularly pants! See if you can work out which ACWs I converted in the last phot below:

Games for 01/02

Good point Andy....

Games for 01/02 are Smugglers Shiv with the usual Pathfinder suspects; VBCW with Mick, Bradley, Vince, and Kris; the RPFC (Rob and Dave) doing something "modern" ie late nineteenth century; and Bill and Taff playing GHQ microarmour.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Games for 25/01

A busy night at the club with 6 tables covering WW2, Dark Ages, Napoleonic, Fantasy and Sci fi. And we had enough tables and lights to go round…

Next week we have the return of the miniature wargamer and something Ottoman, with Mike, Brett, Rob and Bill; Bo5A (subtle enough?) with Dave, Bookmark, JDE, Roddy and Taff ; and Traveller with Kris, Andy G, Trainset, Bradley, Vince and Mick.

In other news, it was agreed the cupboards were a shambles and it was Phil's fault, he has been deputised to tidy them up ASAP. Even though I'm not sure he's even been to the Bath House venue. Hurry up...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Games for 18/01

Last weeks Epic game was fought to a conclusion shortly after ten, the Orks destroying some terminators and whirlwinds but being conclusively wiped out. Seeing as you ask.

This week sees a return to Robin's very pretty WW2 with Robin, Bradley, Brett and Trainset; Kings of War with Bill, Bookmark, Taff and one other?; Saga (promises, promises) with Andy B, Vince and Mick; Kris luring people into traveller character generation; the RPFC playing some thing with flags and complaining I don't keep track of what they play; and Roddy and I playing 1st edition Necromunda.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Games for 11/01/12

Oops! Completely forgot, how can you tell...

Games for 11/01 are WW2 with Robin, Bookmark, Brett, and Mick; Battlecry with Bill and Taff; Smokeless Powder (?) with the RPFC and Epic with Bradley, James, Roddy and Vince. And Kris is playing one of the above. Erm. See what happens without the comfy chairs?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Games played in 2011

Games played for 2011 - and we have a draw….

Very British Civil War - 18
Black Powder/Hail Caesar - 18
Pathfinder - 12
Fringe - 12
Hordes of the Things - 8
Bliztkrieg commander - 6
WFB - 6
LOTR - 5
FPW - 5
Incursion - 5
BFG - 4
Epic - 3
WHQ - 3
GHQ Microarmour - 3
WH 40K - 3
Fantasy Pirates - 3
Wings of War - 3
Martian Empires - 3
Flames of War - 2
Other Colonial - 2
Warmaster Ancients - 2
AWI - 2
Kings of War - 2
Secrets of the Third Reich - 2
Future War Commander - 2
Modern - 2
ACW - 1
Naval - 1
GNW - 1
7 years war - 1
15mm Sci fi - 1
Napoleonic - 1
Wild West - 1
Necromunda - 1
Nap Naval - 1